Inside the Job of An Insurance Claims Adjuster


Almost everyone who has ever been in a car accident has come into contact with an Insurance Claim Adjuster. This is the person that is sent to inspect the damage when an accident occurs or property is damaged when an insurance policyholder files a claim.

 Insurance Claim Adjusters Duty

The job of an insurance claim adjuster is to evaluate property or vehicle damage thoroughly to determine how much the insurance company will pay you for the damages. To do this, they inspect the damaged property themselves, talk to witnesses, doctors, as well as the claimant themselves to gather as much information as possible to establish the claim. Following the gathering of all the data, the examiner reviews it.

Despite that, the adjuster’s job is not done yet. If the examiner approves the adjuster’s proposal, then the adjuster goes back to the client to assist in the settlement process.

Types of Insurance Adjusters

While Insurance Adjusters can go by many different titles, there are two basic types of adjusters. Staff/Company Insurance Adjuster, and independent insurance adjuster.

Staff Insurance Adjusters

These adjusters work directly for the insurance companies. As members of the insurance company’s staff and payroll, they can get perks such as health insurance. Staff Insurance Adjusters usually have the insurance companies’ goal in mind though helping save them money.

Independent Insurance Adjuster

Some insurance companies do not host their own personal insurance claims adjusters. Instead, they seek out hiring an Independent Insurance Adjuster to work for them. This serves an insurance company well that may not have an actual physical shop where a claim is filed. If they do not have a location in a certain area, they can hire an independent Insurance Adjuster in that area to assess the claim for them. An Independent Insurance Adjuster also has a more flexible work schedule as you can choose your hours of operation more freely.

An Adjusters Work Day

An Insurance Adjusters’ workdays usually vary depending on if they are a Staff Adjuster or Independent Adjusters. Staff Adjusters will normally have 9 to 5 hours since they are part of the insurance work staff. Still, circumstances may require evening and weekend hours to accommodate a client’s needs. Independent Insurance Adjusters have a little more leeway to set their schedules with the luxury of being able to even work from home.

So, whether you need a claims adjuster or want to be one, you now have an inside look.