Is Your Baby Constipated? Give Relief With These Remedies


As a mother, you know everything about your baby. Her need to sleep, eat, play or even to poo has got a signal that you understand better. But, when a child of that young age is constipated, he or she might not convey it to you. However, the stool of babies is mostly used as a clue to get an idea of the overall well-being of a child. So, watching out for the signs of constipation in your infant or newborn is crucial to look out for immediate remedies and relieve the child of this discomfort.

Below are a few signs of constipation in infants.

  • Irregular bowel movements: The number of times a child passes stool will vary. If a child does not pass any stool for a few days and then has a hard stool, it means he/she is constipated.
  • Straining while passing the stool: If the child’s face turns red and he/she strains a lot while passing the stool, it is a sign of constipation. A number of over-the-counter laxatives are available in medicine shops, but in the case of small children, do not use anything without the suggestion of a doctor. 
  • Blood in the stool: Sometimes you might notice streaks of red blood on the stool. It shows that the child might be pushing very hard to pass the stool. It gets very painful for the child and hence the doctor’s suggestion is required.
  • Distended stomach: Due to the pressure and gas caused by constipation, the belly of the child might feel firm and distended. It is very uncomfortable for the child and requires medical attention.
  • Saying no to food: A constipated child does not feel hungry and he/she might refuse to eat anything or drink milk. It will affect the energy level of the child as well making him/her look sluggish and inactive.

Apart from all these symptoms, the child also becomes cranky and irritated. Instead of waiting for it to get normal on its own, which might be very uncomfortable for the child, it is advised to seek expert’s suggestion and do some remedies which are in your hands.

Remedies for child’s constipation

  • Shift to another formula: If you breastfeed your child, it is unlikely to find any serious constipation in your child. If still, it is happening, you should consider what you eat. Evaluate your diet and try to remove or change something that might be causing constipation. If you feed bottle milk to your child, then it’s time to use some other formula. The ingredients might make a difference and help in easing the symptoms of your child.
  • Choose the food wisely: In order to nurture your child with the best of nutrients, you might be feeding something which your child is not able to digest properly. If you have already started solid food, then choose coarse and high-fiber food instead of refined cereals. Try oats, barley, quinoa, multi-grain breads, skinless apple boiled, and bran cereals. These will add bulk to the stool and will help in passing it easily.
  • Mash or grind solid food: A child should be introduced to solid food after six months, but if you have not introduced yet, the best way is to go with pureed food. Make sure that the puree you are making it out of whole grain cooked foods. Choose vegetables or fruits which add a lot of fibre in the diet and alleviates the problem of constipation in the child.
  • Increase liquid intake: Milk and water are the best fluids to keep your baby hydrated. If your child is above 6 months, then you can start with some juices, coconut water, dilute pulses, and barley water. For children below 6 months of age, consult your doctor before giving anything except milk or formula.
  • Massage your baby: Massages help the child in many ways. They regulate blood circulation, helps in peristalsis, and do acupressure of various types of nerves. Giving a mild massage to the abdomen of the child and the lower abdomen area might also help in the bowel movement of the child.

Relieving constipation of a child naturally is the best way. But in severe cases, you might need to see a doctor, as leaving a child constipated for too long can give rise to other medical problems. People buy medicine online like suppository and laxatives which can help a child get immediate relief. However, to ensure safety, they should always be recommended by a paediatrician. Once prescribed, you can buy prescription drugs online from any online pharmacy for home delivery.


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