Know The Best Places From Where You Can Get Your Mole Removed!

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Everybody wants to look their best at all times. People constantly strive to maintain the beauty of their skin and fight any imperfections. People follow strict skin care regimes undergo several treatments and look after their diet to make sure that their skin is at their best. Hence, when something undesirable appears on their skin, they will naturally want to get it removed.

Moles are something that many people view as undesirable, and hence, they want to get rid of them. Many people view them as unsightly spots on an otherwise unmarred and flawless skin. If you, too, want to remove a mole and want to know what it entails then this article will be of help to you.

What Is A Mole?

Moles are skin cells which grow in clusters instead of being spread out throughout the skin. These type of skin cells are the ones which give the skin its natural color and hence when they grow in clusters they can be deeply pigmented, and although flat moles are more common, some can be raised as well. As they are exposed to the sun, they can often darken making them much more visible, and hence more noticeable to other people.

Moles can be of any shape and are usually brown or black in color. They are relatively common and can appear anywhere on the body and in any number.

Why Get Your Mole Removed?

There may be many reasons why you may opt to remove a mole from your body. Moles usually appear within the first 25 years and are generally harmless. However, sometimes they can be a cause of concern, especially when they appear later in life. Hence, it is always advised that you get them checked out to be sure that they are not cancerous. Moles can also become inflamed, or bleed, or they can also be quite sensitive, and cause you to be uncomfortable if they are always rubbing against your clothes.


Sometimes people opt to remove moles from their face or other parts of the body for cosmetic reasons. Moles can appear anywhere, and hence, many people may find that their mole is located at an inconvenient and unattractive place. Consequently, many people may opt to get rid of their mole.

Facial plastic surgeon, plastic surgeon or a dermatologist can help you when it comes to removing a mole from your body.

How Are Moles Removed?

More commonly, people want to remove raised moles from their body, and there are many ways in which a mole is removed from your body, some more common than others. Depending on the part of your body, your dermatologist may opt for a different procedure to remove your mole.


The most common method is to cut the mole from your skin and then to sew it back. Local anesthesia or numbing agent is used so that the patient is not able to feel any pain and then the mole along with some of the surrounding skin is cut off. Sometimes a mole may penetrate deeper into the layer of the skin, and when it has been cut out, it may require some stitches. These stitches leave behind a small scar which fades over time.

Shaving Excision:

A mole can be removed by “shaving” it off the skin the skin as well. A numbing agent s used to numb the area as the mole is shaved off. The procedure usually leaves behind a small pink scar.


In case of moles which are not malignant, they are frozen with the help of liquid nitrogen. This procedure may leave behind, but it is non-invasive and relatively simple outpatient treatment for moles.

Laser Treatment:

Laser treatment is used for those types of moles which do not protrude above the skin surface. This procedure involves blasting the skin with some laser so that the cells dissipate. This type of procedure is generally used in areas which cannot be reached easily. This type of treatment can also tackle multiple moles at once; however, it may take two or three sessions o remove a mole completely.


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After your mole removal procedure, it is essential for you to follow a strict after-care regime. Make sure that you apply sunscreen liberally to prevent the appearance of new moles and diligently check your skin to check whether or not a new mole has appeared on your skin.

Usually, a mole removal procedure does not take up a lot of time, and when performed by a trained professional, it should not give you any issues. Generally, these procedures should not hurt you tall as most of them involve the use of a numbing issue. Once your procedure is completed, make sure you keep an eye on the area and inform your doctor in case you feel that there any issues.

Can Moles Be Removed At Home?

While there may be many sites that offer tips and remedies on how to remove your mole at home, it is generally advised against it. A mole can develop into something serious and hence, it is best to get it checked out by a professional so that you can find out whether or not it is something which needs to be treated. Additionally, mole removal can be an invasive procedure which should only be performed in a sanitary environment and by trained professional.


Moles are completely natural. However, they can sometimes be a cause of concern or irritation. Hence, many people research for a way in which they can get rid of their moles. If you decide to get rid of your mole make sure that you go to a trained professional who will be able to get safely rid of your mole. A mole removal procedure, when performed correctly, should not take up much of your time. In fact, it may be over in a matter of a few minutes. The cost of the procedure will depend on the procedure of mole removal as well as your doctor.