Learn How TB Insurance Can Help In The Treatment Of Tuberculosis

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Health ministry estimates the number of deaths due to tuberculosis (TB) to be approximately 4,20,000 every year, with 2.8 million patients seeking treatment for the disease in the private sector. The cost of treatment can run into several lakhs of rupees, particularly if it’s a drug-resistant one.

To remain financially guarded against the high expenses, a tuberculosis treatment cover is an absolute must. Read on to know how insurance coverage for TB can help in the treatment of the disease.

Helps you meet the high costs of treatment

A tailor-made TB insurance cover can help meet high expenses related to the treatment of the disease. As said, the costs can potentially run into several lakhs of rupees, particularly if the treatment is related to drugs. Such high costs can wipe out a chunk of your savings.

However, that’s not the case if you have a TB insurance cover. This is because with this cover, you get the required funds that help you meet the high expenses related to the treatment of the disease. Thus, insurance coverage for TB helps you prevent depletion of your savings.

Coverage for pre- and post- hospitalisation expenses

Treatment for tuberculosis is a lengthy affair. It includes multiple visits to hospital, diagnostic tests and continuation of medications for quite some time to prevent relapse. All of these can significantly strain your finances.

With a dedicated TB insurance cover, you get coverage for pre- and post- hospitalisation expenses are taken care of with ease. Today, most TB insurance plans offer coverage for diagnosis, medication and doctor’s fee among others, which gives you some breathing space to set your finances in order during the treatment of the disease.

Coverage in case of disease relapse

There have been instances in the past of the relapsing of the disease. This is a condition when a patient becomes positive to the disease once the treatment is finished. In such a scenario, the entire treatment cycle may need to be repeated and can further strain your finances.

However, a TB insurance cover gives you the requisite funds to meet the costs incurred on treatment of the disease in case of a relapse. Also, there have been cases, when a person after undergoing successful treatment develops the infection later. In such cases, a drug-resistant treatment is needed. A tailor-made cover for the same can aid in getting the required funds for the same.

Tuberculosis Coverage In Traditional Insurance Policy

A health insurance plan may not offer coverage against expenses incurred on TB. In such a scenario, in case you are diagnosed with TB and need to undergo treatment for the same, expenses are out-of-pocket.

Generally, most health insurance plans don’t cover the expenses incurred on the treatment of TB. Even if it’s covered, there can be a waiting period for a few years. It means if you are diagnosed with the ailment within this period, you will not get any coverage. However, a TB insurance cover gives you the financial muscle to tackle the high costs related to TB treatment.

While buying a tailor-made TB insurance, it’s important to compare various policies on parameters like sum insured, network of hospitals, inclusions and the omissions or exclusions.

Just like a normal health insurance plan, a TB insurance plan is a yearly commitment. It means you need to renew the policy every year. It’s essential to fill up the proposal form with all the accurate details, particularly related to pre-existing ailments to ensure your claims don’t get rejected. Also, go through the policy documents carefully after receiving the hard copy and in case of any discrepancy contact your insurer at the earliest.

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For instance, Tuberculosis Cover offers coverage up to Rs. 50,000 at a nominal premium. It also covers expenses related to pre and post-hospitalisation and offers multiple payment options. This TB insurance cover also reimburses costs incurred on medicines, among others.