Lock Your Look: 3 Shapewear Has Gained Our Preference

There are several types of Shapewear for all types, tastes and needs. However, today we are going to highlight 3 types that are worth having in your wardrobe.

Shapewear body


1- Hourglass waistband:

Its structure has an elastic belt containing 4 pressure velcros. To better preserve the product, it must be washed by hand.

In addition, it has benefits in helping post-operatively, helping with posture and also improving circulation. In addition to providing support for the back and taking care of joints and muscles.

Material made of lightweight, high-quality elastic fabric, meaning the piece does not get tangled with your clothes during movements, resulting in a very comfortable piece.

One piece with breathable and flexible fabric. You will sweat but you won’t feel that strong sensation of heat.

For those who will use it postpartum, this piece will help you with breastfeeding and other tasks with the baby.

In addition, your cesarean section will improve much faster mainly because it provides support for the lower back and belly. It is possible to adjust the piece according to your needs, as there are two clasps for pressure adjustment. Adjust the size according to personal situation: There are two more clasps for you to adjust the loose or tight pressure. Elastic enough to provide adequate compression. The postpartum belt helps to shrink the process and restore the uterus to its original size. The postpartum recovery belt helps put loose skin back in place and flatten your stomach to normal after giving birth.

Postpartum, we mothers need to feel confident again in relation to our bodies. For this reason, this is a great gift for first-time mothers and those who are already experienced.

Shapewear body suits


2-faja tank top:

Containing breathable fabrics, the piece has components developed for daily use.

Therefore, it is easy to wear and very comfortable. The corset will highlight your body and will also reduce the size of your waist, transforming your silhouette into an hourglass shape.

Among its main benefits we have:

-you will have a beautiful waist;

-correction of your posture;

-better shape of your waist;

-approximation of the ribs;

– ally during physical exercises;

-Front zipper;

– 3 rows of internal hooks;

-Double Compression;

Bodysuits shapewear


3-faja with zipper crotch:

To top it off, having an elegant silhouette, identical to that of a celebrity, is just a few steps away. A complete piece, with modeling abilities to soften the body’s curves. It can be worn without straps and looks beautiful too.


-Transform your own shape and leave it strapless or without a bra;

-Support to flatten the belly;

-Transform small protrusions;

-Back fabric that lifts and rounds the butt;

-Ideal for post-surgery and/or postpartum;

-Easy to use in everyday life: the zippered crotch is a great help when going to the bathroom;

Now how about choosing one or all of the models to help you during your daily life depending on your needs? I guarantee that you won’t regret it because in addition to purchasing an incredible piece, you will feel its benefits on your body from the first use.