How To Make Your House Look And Cost Like Those From Glossy Magazines?


Your home is both your castle and an expression of yourself. After a long day, it should provide you with a safe haven, but also it should be an interesting place for entertaining your guests. Those designer homes from glossy magazines seem too perfect or expensive to copy? Actually, if you dedicate enough time and use your imagination, you can create something as inspiring all on your own. Try out some of our ideas and you’ll see that you might be just a step away from having a designer home.

A tasteful detail

If your home is already furnished but lacks that last touch, all you have to do is add some details. The furniture itself can be an artwork of sort, especially if it is interesting to the eye because of its color or texture, but adding a fruit basket on your dining or coffee table might be the right step to making your house into a home. In addition to colors, for example, the bright color of oranges, you will also add that citrusy flavor to the atmosphere. Plus if you see the fruit, you will eat more of it.

Of course, flowers are always the way to go. Be bold and choose flowers that are to your liking and might not match your room. This will make them stand out and attract your and everyone else’s attention – maybe spur a smile or two. Whether you prefer fresh flowers or those in pots, try to refrain from artificial ones, as they can never bring as much to a home as the real ones.

A fine piece of art can transform your home from a place of residence to a place to be. Don’t make the common mistake of trying to match art with the rest of the room. Though it seems logical, try to add a piece you love and it will take over the room. A stunning painting can do more than just take up a place on your wall, it will display you personally.

In order to prevent your home from looking like a show home, place a fuzzy blanket or faux fur over your bed or living room sofa. This will give a touch of hominess but also luxury.

Furniture – convenient and eye-catching

If you prefer to make your furniture be the art, make sure you choose it right. Combine what you might have never combined before, modern pieces with antique, rugged dining tables with colorful comfy chairs. Don’t go too crazy, start with convenience, what kind of piece of furniture can work for you, in terms of dimensions and choice of material but also your everyday needs, like being child-friendly, easy to clean etc. Only after taking all of that down, should you look for a wow piece? Take your time and until you find the one that both says ‘love it’ and ‘it works’ don’t buy anything.

Color, color, color

Nothing says fresh like a repainted wall. If the paint is all you want to change in your home, look at your furniture, lighting and the room’s general use. But all in all see what you need from the room, do you want your bedroom to have a romantic touch – then use saturated colors, if you want your kitchen/dining room to make you feel as if you can take on the day – use bright, vibrant colors. If your living room is a cozy place to snuggle with a book but also where your friends and family handout – choose lighter colors with an interestingly colored bookshelf or coffee table. Choosing the right color and its shed as well as actually painting is problematic, so if you need some help you can always turn to the professionals (for example

All in all, take your time and reflect on your needs and possibilities. To make your house look and cost like those from magazines takes dedication and imagination. Invest in details that will spur interest, temporary ones like fruit bowls or flowers but also art pieces that you can hold on for years to come. Make your furniture both functional and inspiring but also play with colors and not only on your walls but furniture as well. Express yourself and your home will be an expression of you.