My First Travel Blogger Meet at Tripshelf

Yesterday, I got a chance to attend a Travel blogger meet at Kalka Ji, Delhi which was organized by the TripShelf Team. First of all let me introduce about TripShelf, TripShelf is an India first online shopping mall for holiday package. Where you can discover and compare thousand of tour packages.

About the meet…!!!

Dhruv Raj Gupta

This meet was started 21 July at 5:00pm at TripShelf Head office Kalka Ji. This meet was based on how you can increase your social media presence on the internet. I have met with TripShelf co-founder Dhruv sir who has shared their travel memory with us. They told all the bloggers to share their memorable travel experience but unfortunately I have no travel experience at the movement.

Dhruv sir also organized some interesting activities and games which are related to social media presence. At the end they call one of team member to sing a song for all bloggers. This is one of the best fun activities for me. Here is image of this guy….!!!


In this meet, I got a chance to contact with many traveler bloggers and who have their own unique experience about travel.
This is my first blogger meet and I really enjoy the blogger meet and look forward to another meet again with him.