Natural Detox Methods to Pass a Urine, Hair, Blood and Mouth Swab Drug Test

Drug Test

Numerous studies in recent years have proven that cannabinoids from marijuana possess medicinal properties. Besides, the use of these substances is significantly less dangerous to our health than, let’s say, nicotine and alcohol. Not to mention some “serious” narcotics. Due to mild analgesic effects, these elements are used to treat pain and alleviate the symptoms of chemo and radiotherapy.

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There are more areas of medicine where cannabis use has proven to be effective. However, the use of marijuana for medical purposes still causes controversial thoughts; the possibility of mass abuse will be widespread. But it already requires some additional regulation of higher instances.

At the federal level, the consumption of these substances is (still) illegal, although laws in different states are quite contrary. Fortunately, an increasing number of countries legalize the medical use of cannabis. But, as employers have to comply with federal laws, they have the absolute right to fire anyone who does not pass the required drug test or at least have results within the limits of tolerance.

Speed Up the Detox Process

Although the least harmful of all opiates, the active cannabis substances are retained longest in the body, up to 3 months after consumption. In other words, the organism can cleanse itself, without the use of “auxiliary” means, but it takes a while. We don’t have that much time, but only a few days (employers often announce the test earlier) so we have to speed up that process.

Some products will help you to “trick” drug tests, but you can’t find them in the nearest store. In order to save time, without waiting for delivery, there are natural ways to purify your body’s fluids and hair so the test will show a negative result.

Wash It Out from the Hair and Mouth

The hair test is one of the most difficult to cheat because it can detect the chronic use of opiates. Employers can ask you to do it if there’s reasonable doubt about the narcotic use and it’s usually associated with highly responsible jobs. There’s no need to shave completely; according to the test clear review site, there are natural ways to remove these substances from the hair follicles.

Be ready for endless hair wash before your test. Prepare a homemade blend of white vinegar and salicylic acid (acne tonic). Rub in your hair and let it stand. Then take the liquid detergent (or mix the powder with water to make a paste) and rub onto the head. Leave it for a while and rinse with hot water.

Another good mixture is baking soda and lemon. Make a paste out of these ingredients and massage it into the hair follicles. Antioxidants from the lemon will bind the impurities and remove it. The key is to be persistent, even if it takes a lot of time.

This can be a good home-made mouthwash too. If there’s a possibility for saliva drug test, always have some lemon with you. And eat it, without sugar. A bit unpleasant, but it works. Also, drink plenty of water and spit whenever you can. Chew a piece of cotton wool. That’ll wipe saliva and clean the inside of your mouth.

Clean Your Urine and Blood with Common Ingredients

Passing a urine test is a bit easier than a hair test. Gallons of water will dilute your body fluids, but you’ll need extra help to eliminate toxins. A good choice is green tea and fresh juices of fruit and vegetables. Use smoothies every day, especially those from leafy veggies. This super-food abounds in antioxidants that bind and eliminate the free radicals from the body.

Eat dairy products; these contain vitamin B which will help your urine not to look too pale. Fiber-rich food “cleans” your body because the organism can’t digest it completely; in the process of elimination, it carries unnecessary harmful substances. Try to “keep off” the junk food – saturated fat complicates the detoxification of the organism. For a few days, use fresh and raw ingredients.

Go to the sauna, because toxins can be secreted through sweat. Combine the heat of the saunas with a cold bath to accelerate circulation and help toxins quickly get out of the body. Any kind of physical activity, where you will sweat a lot, can help – so do your cardio finally.

If you are expecting a drug test, the first and most important advice is to stop consuming as soon as possible. The level of substances in your body will slowly decrease as time passes so it will be easier to speed up detoxification by using natural preparations. It’s a good idea to do this from time to time, if you are a regular user, in order to cleanse the organism.