Prom Night Digital Decorum: Preventing Teens From Over Sharing.

Prom night is a most thrilling night for the teenagers who have reached the age that is able to attend this sensational event. In the past communication was not so easy so the students and their guests were unable to communicate with each other about prom, but now the social media has made it easy. Teens can inform each other about their plans and activities they have decided for the event. But this may have some advantages and disadvantages.

Teens share their pictures and texts to each other to decide meeting times using social media, which is not safe so it may cause problem regarding security and safety. Because of the boost of prom, teens contact with each other to inform about their plans more than normal routine. Due to excitement they may share pictures of their outfits, accessories and their own pictures while getting ready or they use to share silly things with each other. They may fall in a trap of over sharing.

Not only prom, party is another event about which students share their plans and activities. They send pictures and inform their friends about who came in the party. In short, they make a list of all the important information that anyone needs.

A bundle of problems may occur due to this over sharing. In prom, due to continuously capturing pictures and writing texts the teens may miss the fun moments of that event. They do not focus on the event. After the event when they saw their pictures using cameras or tablets they will think that they have gathered few memories of prom because of engaging themselves in capturing pictures and texting only. Then the excitement of party will turn in to a wish, that it will be greater if we engage our self in event.

Even if you are using all the privacy settings of messages, photos and other things on social media but when you exchange your information with other person then everything is in that person’s hand there is no undo option after exchanging pictures, messages etc. The other person may make miss use of your pictures, messages. The teens should be conscious about what to share or not about any event.

As a parent, you should tell you children that you are interested in their safety, especially before an event. Ask them not to share everything with your friends. Exchange their pictures with trusted ones and after event waiting a few hours to share pictures is better, in this way there will be less threat of the person waiting to exploit you. On prom nights, contact with your child and ask him if he is fine, in order to show your concern with your child. Also ask them not to travel alone; even they are going to a near place.

Make sure that you are aware of what your child is doing, where he is going and what he shares with others.


Aline Carrara is social media experimentalist and working as technology writers and working as Spy Software developer at TOS Company.  She is a geek in mobile application development for the betterment of mankind. To know more about her follow her on Twitter. @AlineCarrara7

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