How To Promote Your Art In The Best Possible Way


When you’re a working artist, no matter how prolifically you create art, there’s no way you can generate any attention unless you’re promoting it, too. Some say that you need to spend just as much time and effort promoting your art as you do creating it – maybe even more!

Promotion is the only way to get your shoe into the art community, and put bread on the table for putting your brush on the canvas.

For many aspiring artists, promoting their work seems overwhelming – it’s absolutely different than the solitary work they really enjoy. But you don’t need to handle everything at once. Promoting your art is as easy as these three steps:

Create A Strong Portfolio
A strong portfolio bears two qualities: it should develop your brand and package your art. The perfect portfolio is easy to submit to competitions, publish to your website and to develop into marketing material. The visual presentation of your art is what will attract viewers to your work and bring you another step closer to your career.

For convenience and safety, you should create prints for all of your work for easier viewing. The HP LaserJet Pro P1102 is among the most popular printers that artists are using – its price is great for a lower budget, and it laser printer aims for precision and clarity in every image. P1102 toner is efficient and equipped to print out at least 800 pages.

Build A Strong Internet Influence & Network
Developing your digital sphere is necessary in every market – it’s no different in the art world. You should post to websites such as ARTmine, a venue created for artists to showcase themselves and art collectors to look for pieces.

Build your artist webpage on another popular platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, or Pinterest. Thanks to their constant traffic, the big social media sites are a surefire way to garnering the most amount of attention.

You can even created a free website with WordPress or Blogger, and create business cards so friends, family, and prospective buyers can keep up on your hard work. Getting to know everyone in the art community and building a network among them is the only way you can develop your reputation as an artist.

Participate In Art Competitions
Prove that your art has a unique touch, by bringing it into competitions. For aspiring artists, competitions are the best way to be discovered and launch a career. The winner is showcased above all the others, awarded with attention and a possible shoe-in to fame.

A competition allows you to showcase your work among your peers. You can also see the work they put forth and learn from them, whether their techniques are working better or not as well as yours. Even if you don’t win, you’ll have exposed your work to a wider audience and gained another step toward a possible career.

Successful artists consider competitions one of the most effective ways for aspiring artists to bring their work to the forefront. Competitions are the place for you to mingle with peers, and meet with editors and collectors. These events are cost-effective, and all the feedback you will receive from the judges (which is absolutely free) will provide you with direction for your future pieces and develop your maturation as an artist.