Quartz Worktops – 4 Popular Brands for Kitchen Remodeling


Summary: Quartz is an engineered stone and is available in four varieties. They include Technistone, Casarstone, Compac and Silestone worktops. Each quartz type has boastful features, so you should be aware of them before making the purchase. Not to forget, quartz is a durable stone, easy to maintain, non-porous and stain resistant.

There was a time when natural stone countertops were regarded as the best quality material. Today, the conception has changed since advanced manufacturing processes are able to create fine end products that can contest the looks of the highest quality marble and granite. Quartz shares many similarities with natural stones and boasts of great attributes that make it a coveted material. The most notable four popular quartz brands are Caesarstone, Compac, Technistone and Silestone worktops.

A Discussion on the Different Quartz Brands


Caesarstone worktops are man-made stones and its application is found everywhere, whether at the workplace or at home. This high-grade material is a top-notch choice for any interior surface, be it bathroom worktops, kitchen countertops, or any surfaces. The stone comprises of 93 per cent quartz and is practically hard-wearing with amazing durability. When compared to any natural stone, it has commendable features to look out for. Some of the popular Caesarstone colours are Atlantic Salt, Blizzard, Bianco Drift, Buttermilk, Clamshell, Cosmopolitan White, Fresh Concrete, and so on.


It is envisioned as the pioneer in all sorts of quartz surfaces. Composed of 94 percent natural quartz, it is available in a variety of styles, finishes, sizes and colours. The best part is Silestone worktops have a myriad of range to cater to all types of designs. The features worth mentioning include its toughness, non-porous nature, easy to clean attribute and durability. The USP of Silestone is that it is manufactured with bacteriostatic protection properties, which is a hygienic system built to ward off bacteria from breeding inside it. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, the stone offers bespoke designs suited to any modern setting.


Technistone worktops are known for its durability and toughness. After all, the kitchen countertops are the most used areas that are exposed to extreme abuses. Therefore, the more strong and tough is the material, the better it can withstand the test of time. Combined with excellent quality raw materials and moulding technologies, Technistone is sold in a variety of collections that include Starlight, Noble, Rustic and Essential. Each variety has a character of its own that lights up any interior space instantly.

Before you make a purchase, it is advisable to check through the quartz worktops reviews for maintenance and care because the less hassling it is, the better it is for you to maintain. Also, you should be aware of the price per square foot that will let you decide whether you can afford it. Check through the websites of the companies selling the quartz varieties and read through the feedback. It will help you gain some idea and finally make you take a decision.


Compac quartz worktops suit the appearance of all kitchen designs and styles. The key features that make it an exceptional choice for homeowners is that it is stain and moisture resistant, resilient to chips and cracks, preventive to extreme temperatures, has gorgeous finishes and colours. True indeed, Compac is a meticulous choice for kitchen, bathrooms and bars. Due to its versatile look, Compac quartz kitchen worktops can be utilized in any kitchen setting, whether the kitchen has a traditional or contemporary theme.