Starting University Life – Removalists Can Help With The Transportation

Starting University

Attending university is a milestone in anyone’s life, full of excitement about the prospect of meeting new friends, attending parties and ultimately passing the degree course with flying colours and following a well-defined career path. But before all of this, there is preparation that needs to be carried out in order to actually take the first step on the educational journey. One thing that needs to be addressed is how to actually get your worldly possessions and perhaps even musical equipment from home to campus.

Although a friend or family member may have a large car, it may not be large enough to carry all your possessions to their final destination, but help is at hand. If the university you are attending is a considerable distance from home it may be wise to engage the services of a professional removals team. Vic Palmer Removals & Storage are the trusted removalists in the Gold Coast so if you are relocating from the Gold Coast to a university elsewhere, they are certainly worth looking up. You can’t just trust any company to transport your prized possessions, so make sure the removalists you select have a great track record and a list of customer testimonials that you can personally check if required.

Specialists Removalists For Fragile Items And Musical Instruments

Depending on what course of study you are undertaking, you may need to get fragile musical instruments and expensive electronic equipment to your university lodging. If so, you will need a removalist that is well-versed in transporting valuable items. High quality removalists will have a specialised in-house team that have experience in both packing and loading and unloading valuables. Make sure you ask them if they have the necessary skillset before you sign on the dotted line.

Packing Services

If you are about to leave home for the first time to go to university, the last thing you want to be worrying about is buying packing materials and boxes etc. The chances are they will be mispacked and you will end up having to buy more space than you actually need! Highly regarded removalists will be able to provide all the packing materials you need for your relocation and may even offer a complete packing service. They will arrive at your home and pack and load for you, what could be easier?


Perhaps you are not able to immediately move into your university accommodation but need to be there for an induction, where do you put your possessions? Find out whether your removalist company offers storage services, many of them now provide both short and long-term storage solutions for people who are between residences. This is surprisingly good value for what you get, and many firms also offer a DIY storage option if required.

For a stress-free move to university, take advantage of all the services offered by your local removalists. They can make the transition from home to university much easier and ultimately leave you relaxed and ready to hit the books when you arrive.