Strategies to Implement Social Distancing at Your Business

Social Distancing

The way businesses operating amid COVID-19 has shifted dramatically. Furthermore, there is no doubt that social separation is here to stay for quite a long time.

Handshakes were once the standard greeting for in-store customers. However, as the health and life hazards associated with COVID-19 are increasing by the day, social separation and contactless interactions are the only options.

Of course, several changes are on the way, one of which is expected to have a significant impact on retail firms.

One aspect of social distancing is adjusting the businesses to safeguard the health and safety of staff and clients. This can include things like curbside delivery and pickup, contactless transactions, social distancing, and so on.

Second, it implies a particular focus in your marketing campaigns. This way, you may make your consumer feel valuable and convince them to buy from your company again.

However, everything will not happen on its own. You must put some measures in place to effectively apply new norms at your company.

Tips to Effectively Implement Social Distancing at Your Business

Concentrate on Contactless Solutions

Yes, the COVID-19 cases have decreased. However, they haven’t hit zero. As a result, for some businesses with brick and mortar establishments, the approach is straightforward: they can operate their business remotely or provide contactless options such as home deliveries or pickups.

Businesses must adopt this strategy whenever it is possible, regardless of the goods or services they provide.

Although it may not appear to be the most obvious choice for many organisations, it is the new and only standard that can keep everyone safe while also allowing businesses to operate without losing revenue or consumers.

The companies that have been operating remotely for a long time are planning to keep it that way. For businesses like restaurants or retail, choosing contactless choices can offer the required safety to both the clients as well as the staff.

Additionally, you can provide special discounts or incentives to your clients to highlight the beneficial impact and maintain effective social distancing.

Offer On-Site Masks and Cleaning Products

Like we said the COVID-19 cases have dropped and many businesses have started operating their brick and mortar stores.

As previously stated, the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased, and several firms have reopened their physical locations.

Here, the question comes of how to handle the huge client crowd in the physical stores.

The simple solution for such businesses is to sell the goods at a reasonable price if the customers show up with a mask.

The reason for this is to ensure that both customers and employees are safe. Occasionally, however, people enter without masks. In such circumstances, you should either avoid selling to them or give them masks.

If your company can’t afford enough masks or sanitiser, basic cotton masks will suffice.

Furthermore, masks are a great way to promote your business by incorporating company logos while staying safe and compliant.

Encourage Online Payments

The checkout procedure is the only time when clients and employees interact physically the most.

However, many firms now provide a variety of payment options to their clients. The most frequent and effective approach is contactless cash transactions.

Of course, encouraging clients to pay online reduces the quantity of cash that is physically transferred. Furthermore, this reduces the risk of virus transmission, making shopping more pleasant and secure.

Overall, keep in mind that your customers want to feel protected when they visit your stores. As a result, the majority of customer experience will be influenced by your queue management and staff behaviour. So, keep your clients satisfied to make them return to your store.

Home Delivery/Pickup Choices

If your company sells things online, giving clients a variety of options for how they wish to get the products would be appreciated. When any of your clients are self-isolating and social separation is important, this is very successful.

Many physical and online retailers have begun to offer free in-store pickup of goods following social distancing norms and rules.

This will ensure that just the most necessary contacts are made while shopping quickly and securely.

Additionally, you can use a social distancing queuing solution to make the order or online payment collecting process easier.

Apart from that, social distancing is critical in the home deliveries you provide for any specific products.

Whether you use a third party or your own employees to deliver your items to customers, be sure they all follow the desired safety guidelines.

This may involve contactless drop-offs to ensure a safe distance. Furthermore, this will make clients feel safe purchasing things from your organisation.

Modify Your Store layout to Reduce Close Encounters

Your enterprise may be back and ready to resume its operations. Depending on the new laws and requirements, you may still need to examine the store layout.

As a result, the strategy here is to maintain a gap of at least six feet. In many offices, the cubicle reduces the distance between two employees, causing them to sit closer together.

So, to make the employees feel safe, organize the floor layout at its best and provide adequate seating space while adhering to social distance guidelines.

The same can be said for a variety of firms, depending on their office design. The better you can keep the interactions going, the better you’ll be able to perform.

Wrapping Up

In addition to various suggestions, the following are some more suggestions:

  • Prevent overcrowding by altering the operational hours.
  • Avoid handshakes and prefer nods and waves.
  • Execute virtual meetings or sessions with the staff.
  • Ensure adequate space in the waiting areas.

Also, you can inform your clients about the safety precautions you are integrating into your organisation and what you expect from them.

With social distancing in place for a long time, all of these measures and ideas, when applied, will assist your company in achieving improved growth.

Hope you find this write-up beneficial in gaining the most information possible on social distancing implementation strategies. Thanks for Reading!!


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