Strike the Right Hormonal Balance with These 7 Superfoods!


Ever wondered what causes sudden weight loss or gain in an otherwise healthy person? Sometimes, even the best of us suffer from bouts of fatigue or an inexplicable outbreak of acne. In most cases, we cannot point our fingers at the exact cause of deteriorating health issues.

More often than not, the answer stares us right in the face.

Two words: hormonal imbalance.

An imbalance in hormones can cause all sorts of problems in your body – the overpowering feeling of fatigue, increased stress levels, an outbreak of acne, irregular ovulation cycle, unprecedented weight loss or gain are to name a few.

Hormones are the “chemical messengers” which interact with every organ of our body and send signals or messages to the brain. Responsible for ensuring the smooth functioning of all organs, hormones play a crucial role in our well-being.

What causes hormonal imbalance?

The hormones travel through our bloodstreams, communicating with the organs. Too little or too much of a hormone, and your brain could end up sending and receiving all sorts of wrong signals. A hormonal imbalance could throw your entire body in disarray. It leads to symptoms like fatigue and irregular bowel movements.

Jessica Thompson, an academic expert who provides homework help via, opines “Health issues will challenge your productivity. If left untreated, you will find it hard to focus and simple activities will appear to be challenging.”

Given below is a list of factors that cause hormonal imbalance.

Using artificial birth control excessively
Deficiency of iodine
Thyroid issues
Chronic stress
Unhealthy diet
Endocrinal disorders

Maintaining a proper diet is the key to good health. Including the right kind of foods that help in striking the right hormonal balance is essential if you want to have a healthier and happier 2019!

7 foods that help to balance your hormones


If you are a fan of avocado-on-toast, then you are walking the right path indeed! Avocados come with beta-sitosterol that helps balance the stress hormone named cortisol. They also keep cholesterol levels in check. Additionally, avocados also help in regulating oestrogen and progesterone, the two primary reproductive hormones in females.


We have all heard of Omega- 3, an essential fatty acid. Found in abundance in salmon, that’s your source of some good hormone-balancing food right there! Omega-3 helps to regulate arterial functions, inflammations and blood clotting. Putting a firm plug over autoimmune diseases, salmon helps in keeping your hormones and heart healthy at the same time!

Leafy veggies

Vegetables like spinach, asparagus, cabbage, kale, cucumbers, collard greens and cilantro are your hormones’ best friends. Are you hungry? Grab some kale and tomatoes, and get going! Ditch fatty dressings, choose a light vinaigrette, and you will be all set for a super-healthy lunch! Green and leafy veggies have antioxidants that help in balancing hormones.


Soy is known for its healthy properties. It is no surprise that it makes it to the list of top hormone-balancing foods as well. Intake of soy-rich foods like tofu or edamame can help relieve menopausal symptoms among women. They mimic estrogen-like effects, assisting women to regain their reproductive hormonal balance.


Choosing foods that are rich in antioxidants and healing properties is crucial for balancing your hormones. Whenever you feel like snacking, pick a handful of nuts instead of that packet of crispers. Nuts give you zinc and selenium, nutrients that help in keeping your hormones balanced. Go for macademia or Brazil nuts, and you will be sorted for life!


Millennials are already swearing by their quinoa bowls, and it’s time you should too! A complex carbohydrate, quinoa helps in keeping the blood sugar levels in check. Quinoa can effectively keep excess androgen and insulin hormones at bay. It is a great source of nutrients that help in balancing your hormones.


Finally, it is time for the cherry on the cake (quite literally). Cherries help to create melatonin – the hormone-secreting from pineal glands that puts us to sleep. As we age, our bodies produce less and less melatonin. That is one of the reasons why older people have difficulties sleeping. Cherries can be an excellent cure to insomnia and other sleeping disorders for it can keep our sleeping hormones in check!

Wrapping it up,

Fluctuating hormonal levels can cause your stress levels to shoot up, among other things. Do not neglect your health to the point of having severe breakdowns. This year, make a new resolution about sticking to a good diet that takes care of your body instead of stripping it off the valuable nutrients. Sure, occasional binging at your favourite steakhouse around the corner is alright. Motivate yourself and make little changes. Very soon you will see a significant difference! Keep your hormonal balance in check with a better diet and loads of exercise for a healthier and (undoubtedly) happier 2019!

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