Termites: How to Detect Them and Get Rid of Them


Several DIY methods are there in the market to get rid of termites but nothing is more effective than a professional pest control company. Tree Doctor is one of the Best Pest control services in San Diego, which will help you keep a pest-free home.If a house is free from pests then that house will prevent the spreading of infections at a higher rate.

If you suspect your tree is infested by termites, it is important to take preventive measures from further spreading of termites.  Every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damages and sometimes the termites might even crawl up the spaces, eat those woods and cause more damages and make you invest a lot in refurbishing your home. To avoid these damages one should be able to diagnose the early stages of termites and call professional pest control to get rid of termites. If you are unable to do it, TreeDoctor is one of the Best Pest control services in San Diego, which helps you to keep your Tree free from pesticides and termites and keep your home elegant and beautiful.

How to get rid of termites?

The best way to get rid of termites is by using termite powders, spraying boric acid, applying direct chemicals, and setting up termite baits.

Identify the type of termites that damage your tree:

Many people or house owners face the problem of termites, where they could see a group of termites that fly across or crawl up on their wooden furniture, and these types of bugs are visible only while breaking their tunnels as they are difficult to spot.

The bugs:

There are dozens of species in the US that cause more damage. The fourth type of species, which is also known as damp wood termites poses fewer threats to the house owners, as their group is very small and they nest in the wet wood. Once you eliminate the dampness in the wood these termites will also go away.

Subterranean Termite:

These types of termites exist in all states except Alaska. These bugs have the habit of nesting under the ground and finding the mud tube to enter the house and cause damages to the homes. These types of bugs will start eating plasters, foams, and muds to get through the home and their group is very big when compared to other bugs, where the range varies from thousands to millions.

Formosan termites:

These types of bug habitats are Southern California and Hawaii. These are uncontrollable termites that form large colonies and cause severe structural damage, they lie under the ground,  and sometimes they also nest in houses and trees.

Drywood termites:

Their habitat lies in the Gulfcoast, Southwest, and Hawaii. These types of termites can survive anywhere and they do not need wood for their survival.

Methods to reduce the risk of termites:

Identifying and locating the termites:

Regular inspection of your home helps in determining the signs of termites. Mud tubes are the place where termites get stuck up and they crawl up through the wall and cause structural damages. Drywood termites don’t build mud tubes, because they rest in dry pieces of wood. Look for small wood pellets that are smaller than a grain of rice and they eat up the wood.

Contact a professional:

It is recommended to seek professional help to get rid of termites rather than trying your hands- on experience. Termites are not that easy to remove so call a professional expert like TreeDoctor, which is one of the best pest control in San Diego, who has the best team of professional people to deal with termite removal. Termite exterminators use specialized equipment that helps in removing the termites from home.

Apply barrier treatment:

Application of barrier treatment such as BioAdvanced termite killers. These types of termite killers consist of granules that can be spread across the home before they enter your home. Follow the instructions that are given in the label.

Use termite baits:

Spectracide Terminate baits help in eliminating termites from your home. Application of baits is a slow process that may take up to 14 days to kill their entire colony.

Preventing future infestations:

Application of barrier treatment helps in reducing the risk of termite infestations, However, non-chemical treatments such as reducing the woodwork in the home help in reducing the risk of termites and helps in maintaining a home without termites.

What are the products to be used for a termite infestation?

Barrier treatment: BioAdvance termite killer is one of the commercial methods available in the market that helps in blocking the termites that enter your home.

Bait stations: Spectracide Terminates spreads insecticides and helps in eliminating the termites gradually.

Aerosol sprays:  Aerosol spray helps in eliminating the terminates on sight if you see termites that are infested on wood.

Insecticide foam: Termidor foam is one of the effective methods that helps in eliminating termites, This can be sprayed directly into small cracks, crevices and it also acts as an effective spot treatment, that helps in removal of termites

How dangerous are termites?

The good news about termites is that they will not affect your health, but they create major havoc in your home by damaging the entire woods. Termites do not carry any diseases nor do they bite people. The bad thing about termites is that they cause severe structural damage. If termites are not checked carefully they will create a major mess and destroy your entire housing. According to pest control management, termites have caused more than 2.5 billion dollars. Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover termite damages and they make losses to many homeowners by causing a severe infestation.

When to seek professional help?

Pest control management professionals help in identifying the severity of termites and TreeDoctor is one of the best pest control services in San Diego, which helps in eliminating the termites from your Tree and Home.

Subterranean termites can be removed with the help of liquid termiticides, which creates a chemical barrier and helps in killing their colony, and it is one of the greenest technologies that helps in eliminating termites from your home.

Drywood termites require a different method of treatment because they swim within the house and they look like grain particles that pile up the floor, which is a sign of active infestation. Licensed pest control operators help in removing the termites from home and DIY methods won’t work in the longer run.

The bottom line:

Termites can cause severe damages if left untreated, and it becomes a tedious task to remove them from the home. Professional exterminators like TreeDoctor, which is one of the best pest control services in San Diego, helps in getting rid of termites , however you can also try DIY methods if the infestation level is lesser.


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