The Best Tips to Increase the Space of Your Bathroom


It becomes a bit problematic when you think that you have a small place to be at and there are too many things to keep. Sometimes, you have a few things such as toiletries, towels and other things to include in your place but you fail to do that due to space. There are many people who have such a scattered bathroom which pisses them off regularly. But this is nothing to worry about, you need no extra space. All you need to do is use the limited and present space in a fruitful way. Just organize everything and things will smoothly run.

Who does not love to have open spaces? But you might think that this is going to be an issue that couldn’t be resolved.So if you are one of those who have been worried about their place a lot then trust me this article is the best place for you to be. In this article, we will be discussing everything that is needful including the Vastu for Bathroom and toiletry. So, let us check on things that are easy for just normal person to do and you might be able to enjoy it as well.

Make a great color combination

Now this might be a problem that you don’t have abundance of space but with the perfect color combination you can very easily overcome this problem. This is said that you can fool your mind as much as you can, and this is very much true in this case. So, what exactly you can do is use the soft colors in your place. The soft colors will help you adapt to the place as well as they have an illusion that makes the person living feel as if there is a huge space inside. So, practically you can just make your head feel of a lot space when there isn’t.

Rack them up

It is not good to keep your things in a very scattered form but then there are a few small DIY’s that you can do to gather them at one place. What you can do is, use the space on the wall. In this you can simply nail some racks and rest will be done by them. You can place all the things on the racks and this way your things would not be scattered; moreover you would be able to maximize your bathroom. And to bring in some positivity you can place a money plant in your house.

Make the use of glass as much as possible

When there is nothing to obstruct your eyesight you will feel the openness in a place. Yeah! This is true and you might not agree with me but this is completely true.So, to maximize the space in your bathroom what you can do is use a lot of glass work inside the walls. This will help you get a visual of the complete bathroom and hence making you feel that there is a huge space in there.

Use the floor least and the walls the most

Actually if you get to have a lot of walking space then things become a lot better. You tend to feel free and the space gets bigger in your eyes; because you have a lot of foot room. So, to make your bathroom feel bigger and larger, you can use the walls and pin everything there whereas you floor utility should be less. The more freely you will be able to walk in the bathroom the more lively you would feel in terms of space. There is always an alternative of everything and so is the case with floor usage. You can simply tug the stores and showcase racks on the wall. There should be room under the wash basin and so on.

Lighten things up

Yeah! This is going to be an exceptionally well idea to make more space in your bathroom and this can be done by using filament lights and LED lights that are good to have. Think of it you are taking a shower in a hundred stars over your head. It gives a feeling such as that. Therefore, it is seen that natural light is not as good as the man- made lights. But be very specific while doing so because you need to check the vastu for money plant.

So with these top 5 tips are going to help you in all the ways necessary in maximizing the storage space in your house and you might not feel congested in the bathroom. Try them out, you need no expertize in any of the and with them under your belt; you are sure to have a lot of free space. I have adopted all 5 of them and have managed to make a lot of space in the bathroom so that I could sing and dance while taking a bath.