The Special Foods That You Can Find at Particular Stations

Batata Vada

When you visit a place, it doesn’t complete without tasting the local cuisine. While you are traveling in India, you will get so much variety in foods in different parts of the country that you will get confused about where to visit. If you are a real foodie and want to experience the street foods or local cuisines of different places at one go, you can do a trick. Have a train journey from one part of the country to another. That will bring you the opportunity to have train food that is the foods that are available at particular stations and also the specialty of those places. Often, you will find such items which are only available at the rail stations and may not be anywhere else. And when it comes to the taste, you can go on licking your fingers! So, here you will get some idea about the foods available at certain stations in India so that you can make your train journey eventful.

Batata Vada

Are you traveling between Mumbai and Pune? Then, you will definitely cross Karjat Station. While you are here, don’t miss batata vada of this place as it is the absolute delicacy of this place. ‘Batata’ means potato and it is a fried snack made of potato and other spices and served with green chilies and chutney. The fritters you will get here is incomparable to anywhere else. Don’t miss it ever!


‘Poha’ actually means flatten rice. But, that is not the thing that you will get at Ratlam Junction in Madhya Pradesh. At this place, poha means a complete package. Mixed with Bengal grams, peas, peanuts, sev, freshly chopped vegetables, and chutneys, this thing tastes amazing and spicy. But, you don’t need to be afraid of being too full during the journey as it gets digested easily. For breakfast, poha in this junction is an all-time favorite of many travelers.

Mirchi Bhaji

The state of ‘Dal-Bati-Churma’ is ready to surprise you at every turn. Are you crossing Jodhpur Station or roaming around there? Don’t leave without having this Mirchi Bhaji. It is actually a snack item where green chilies are stuffed with lots of spices, boiled potato and deep fried. Are you calorie-conscious? Forget about it while traveling. But, spice alert! If you can’t take too much spice, you can avoid it.

Aloo Puri

You are traveling in India and didn’t have aloo puri till now is a great mistake. Aloo puri and train journey complement each other. Though you can find this great food throughout every station of India, the tastiest version is available in Northern India. When the hot and round puris are served with yummy curry, it feels great. You can have it breakfast and make your journey amazing.

So, here are some of the train food that is a specialty of different station. Last, but not the least, you should not miss petha from Agra Junction to add dessert on your list.