The Top Colour Scheme Trends of 2023

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Observing how colour schemes continue to evolve and shape our visual experiences is fascinating. Whether you’re a designer seeking inspiration or simply curious about the hues that will dominate this year, here’s a deep dive into the top colour scheme trends in 2023.

1. Neo Mint and Beyond

Neo Mint made waves in 2020 as a refreshing departure from the millennial pinks and blues that had dominated the previous decade. In 2023, this muted, futuristic green takes centre stage. Neo Mint radiates a sense of optimism, a nod to the desire for renewal and hope after the turbulent past few years. But it doesn’t stand alone; it’s often paired with complementary colours like soft coral or dusty lavender, creating harmonious and calming interiors and designs. This colour scheme embodies the essence of rejuvenation and tranquillity, perfectly suited for interior design, fashion, and branding.

2. Cosmic Black and Galactic Silver

The lure of the cosmos continues to captivate our imagination, inspiring designers to explore deep, celestial colour palettes. Cosmic Black, an inky, dark hue, is often paired with Galactic Silver, creating an otherworldly, luxurious aesthetic. This colour scheme reflects our ongoing fascination with space exploration and the unknown. It blends mystery, sophistication, and a hint of the futuristic. Cosmic Black and Galactic Silver lend an air of elegance and mystique, making a bold statement when used in fashion.

3. Terra Cotta and Desert Tones

Terra Cotta and Desert Tones have emerged as a prominent colour scheme trend for 2023 in a world that increasingly values sustainability and reconnects with nature. These warm, earthy colours evoke the feeling of being close to the land, representing our desire to coexist with nature. The soft, natural hues of desert landscapes, from dunes to clay-rich soil, offer a comforting and grounded palette. Terra Cotta has become a favourite choice for interiors, combining warmth with an organic, rustic appeal.

4. Ethereal Pastels

Pastels have transformed in 2023 into ethereal shades that evoke a sense of serenity and escapism. Soft, muted pastels like serenity blue, blush pink, and mint green are combined to create a dreamy and soothing ambiance. This colour scheme is perfect for creating tranquil and welcoming spaces, especially in interior design. It’s an antidote to the fast-paced, digital world, offering a retreat into gentle and comforting environments.

5. Biophilic Greens

The connection between humans and nature has never been more apparent as environmental concerns take centre stage. Biophilic design, which integrates spirit into the built environment, extends to colour schemes in 2023. Greens inspired by lush forests, such as olive, sage, and eucalyptus, infuse spaces with vitality and harmony. These shades foster a connection to nature, contributing to a sense of well-being and environmental consciousness.

6. Digital Sunrise

Digital Sunrise is a fusion of warm, sunrise-inspired hues and high-energy digital vibrancy. This colour scheme features fiery reds, bright oranges, and intense pinks reminiscent of a sunrise or sunset while incorporating digital blues and purples for a modern touch. It’s a combination that captures the spirit of new beginnings, enthusiasm, and the dynamic nature of the digital age. Digital Sunrise is an excellent choice for web design, advertising, and brand identities, as it stands out and conveys a sense of optimism.

7. Earthy Neutrals

In response to the fast pace of modern life and the desire for simplicity, Earthy Neutrals have made a resurgence in 2023. Beige, oatmeal, and warm grey tones dominate this colour scheme, reflecting a return to simplicity, comfort, and mindfulness. Earthy Neutrals are a versatile interior design and fashion choice, allowing for easy mix-and-match possibilities. They create an understated elegance backdrop highlighting unique design elements or personal style.

8. Holographic Metallics

The last trend of our colour scheme guide is Holographic Metallics. They represent a blend of futuristic and nostalgic elements. These coloursare reflective, capturing the holographic aesthetics of the ’90s while embracing modern metallics. Iridescent purples, holographic silvers, and shimmering blues create an intriguing, playful effect. Holographic Metallics are a favourite in fashion and accessories, offering a fresh take on metallics that adds a touch of whimsy and charm to designs.

In conclusion, the top colour scheme trends 2023 encompass a wide range of styles, from futuristic and digital to natural and calming. These trends reflect the ever-evolving nature of design and the influences of our modern world. Designers and artists will continue to draw inspiration from these palettes to create engaging and meaningful visual experiences. At the same time, individuals will incorporate them into their lives to reflect their style and the cultural zeitgeist. Whether it’s the ethereal pastels, cyberpunk neon, or the warmth of terra cotta, these colour schemes will shape our visual landscape in 2023 and beyond.