The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming an Internet Addiction in Student’s Life

Internet Addiction

Internet something which has been become an integral part of every individual’s life. It’s really hard to imagine a life without the internet and without technological devices. People now a day’s find more comfort in the internet and social media friends rather than real-life friends. In the past, there were no such facilities and people found peace and satisfaction with the things and relations which are around them but now people have changed their mindset they find relief in internet chatting and spending too much time in front of social media. So it’s really hard to avoid such a relationship with the internet. Especially teenage students have become addictive to the internet. They use the internet for a different purpose. As we know every individual is different and their usage style is different too. Some use for chatting some use for educational purpose and some use for entertainment. It’s really hard to overcome from the internet addiction but we can limit the use of internet and it’s really good to avoid the use of internet and it will help to bring back the attachment of people with real life. Now students use the internet for educational purpose continuously. It decreased the creative writing or creative thoughts of students. Whenever they get any class work they without wasting their time they go to the internet and search for help. It’s useful for a certain limit but when they depend on it too much it will affect their education and also personal developments. There are certain tips through which we can reduce internet addiction.

Be strongly connected to real life

When a person depends too much on the internet is when he lost his personal touch with real life. They lost their attachment in real life. So try to build a strong attachment with the real-life relationship. If you have such a relationship naturally you will reduce the use of the internet. Generally, a person seeks for another source of comfort when he or she lost comfort in an existing relationship. So they start searching for a new fresh relation who will impart them with new energy and comfort. So never allow an individual to be alone or never allow you to be alone. Ones you feel isolated you will start the search for the company and the first source where you get company easily is the internet. You will chat share everything with that particular person and naturally, you will feel comfortable and happy. So always attach with the real-life relationship so that you will decrease the use of the internet.

Encourage students in other social activities

The main thing that a teacher and parents do is, encouraging students and make them involved in social and sports activities. It will make them busy and it will not give them time to be depressed and it will not make them feel isolated. It is really good for them. Now a day there are so many activities are developed in the society and it schools so students involved in such activities will help them to be more active and fresh in their mind. And also it will make them understand their personality and also will help them to get some knowledge related to the real world.

Talk to them freely as a friend

The main thing that a parent should do is understand their Childs behavior. The child moves to the internet and searches for new friends when they feel alone. And when they get a friend they will try to share everything with them. And it will be like a great relief. So parents should work on their behavior. Parents must become their friend and talk to them openly and ask them about their school life. And also through that, you can pass some useful information’s related to computers and the internet. Talk to them with that particular topic asks them their opinion about the use of the internet and all. Know their thoughts related to it and try to correct them whether they are wrong. Make them understand the negative effects of computer and internet give some examples it will make them think and understand the negativity related to it. When the parent talks to them as a friend then they will not try to search for another friend through the internet. And they will listen to our advice and opinions which is really important.

Keep an eye on their usage

The thing that a parent, as well as the teacher, as well as the teacher, should do is the monitor. Parents must observe the usage of computer and internet by the individual. When they are using the internet at home parents must keep an eye on them whether they are using it for good purpose or not. Whether they are using it negatively. Keep the computer in the dining room or in a hall where you can keep an eye on them never let them use internet-connected computers inside their room. And limit the time for using the internet and social media but never command over them it will affect them badly and they will take it as a challenge to make them understand and limit its usage.

It’s really hard to avoid the usage of computers and internet because we use it for our every purpose. In the past when we got any doubt related to our chapter we naturally move to the library but now students have a better option. So we can’t completely avoid using the internet we can get control over it and limit the time for it. Or give students certain kind of counseling related to its negativity. We take certain tips to avoid it never can stop the use of the internet.AS we are living in a technological era and it’s natural that students will prefer computers and internet. But an s parents and as a teacher, we have the responsibility to show the right path to our children and we must do it.


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