Tips For Choosing Swimming Pool Tiles


If you are looking to create a unique and elegant swimming pool design, pool tiles are necessary to give a great solution. Using glass tiles or glazed porcelain tiles are no longer necessary to have a dull, swimming pool tiles also make it much easier to avoid the concrete’s rough surface. Here some tips for choosing swimming pool tiles


There are many reasons to choose swimming pool tiles, but one of the important reasons involves looks. You can also include the colours and designs that you want in the plain tiles or mosaic tiles. As a result. virtually endless chances for you to design your pool however you want. By using your creativity you can do the greatest designs for your pool. For example, you could go with a traditional pattern or a more intricate decoration design. Keep in mind that the more difficult the design, the more costly the tiles could be.


Choosing tiles based only on beauty and how ‘pretty’ they sparkle is all well and good, but what will you do when they start rising out because of poor quality? This can become an expensive lesson. Not only will you have to replace all the tiles that have fallen off, but you will also be hit with a massive water bill due to emptying and refilling the pool to fix the problem.

Right type of tile

When choosing out your new pool tiles is what material you’d like. Pool tiles can be available in ceramic and porcelain, glass, or natural stone.

Ceramic and Porcelain have traditionally been the ‘go-to’ option in swimming pool tiles and are great for those with a strict budget. The tiles can be hand-painted with complex designs or made into a mosaic.

If you’re looking for something to really bring your pool area to life then you might be more likely to choose glass tiles. While a little is more expensive than porcelain and ceramic, glass tiles shimmer in changing light or as water flows over their surface creating a really eye-catching feature. Glass pool tiles are also very durable and non-porous meaning they are less likely to fade, wear out, or discolour.

For those looking for a more common or Mediterranean style, stone tiles are an excellent option. They are ideal for adding a natural look and textured appearance to your pool design while being almost affordable especially for larger areas.


You shouldn’t only use the tiles to complete the pool shell. Because of their versatility, you will find that it is very easy to use them in other areas as well. Pool tiles are ideal for creating elaborate edges, borders, and surrounds. You could even create intricately tiled fountains or similar structures near the poolside with any excess materials.


Pool tiles are not only appreciated for the clean and beautiful design that they give to the pool shell. Most of the swimming pool tiles are fairly long-lasting and waterproof. It’s also very hard to wear because of their toughness. They are perfect to use in any climate condition as they are capable of standing up to cold conditions. The fine texture of porcelain also makes the mosaic tiles very comfy underfoot. This same texture, however, can be quite slippery so you should highly enforce the “don’t run” rule, particularly with small children in the pool.


Because they are very easy to install, you could take on the installation process as a DIY project. If you are a beginner, however, this process might prove to be very difficult, particularly if you have to cut odd-shaped or curved tiles. In order to make sure that you get a high-quality pool finish installed perfectly, it helps to ask for the services of experts. If you wrongly install just one tile, it could mean that the whole surface is not water repellent, in which case there could be important water damage in the future.


You must pay attention to appearance, quality, Versatility, Durability, maintenance, finish, and other factors while choosing your tiles. You should make sure that the pool tiles are affordable and within your budget. You can improve the longevity of your pool tiles if you maintain them properly.