Tips for Choosing the Best Healthy Frozen Meals

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The age we are living in often doesn’t allow us enough time to cook for hours. Nevertheless, many of us are trying to eat healthily, especially because we are losing so much energy living fast lifestyles. People are seeking solutions to keep a healthy diet more and more. So, how do frozen meals fit into this?

Frozen meals are a convenient way to make a meal fast, and go on with your day. But, you have to watch out because many of them can actually be diet busters. From lots of preservation chemicals to lots of added sugar, a frozen meal and “TV dinners” can be a bad choice.

This is why many companies are trying to find better ways to satisfy your hunger fast, while still keeping your health on a satisfactory level.

In this article, we will try to guide you through some options of having a healthier frozen meal, and feeling better while going through your busy day.

Plain frozen vegetables

If you are worried about what junk might be put in a frozen meal, you can always choose to buy plain frozen vegetables like beans, peas, mixtures of different vegetables in one bag, etc. Cook them fast, and season them yourself. It takes about 30 to 40 minutes – maybe longer than a ready-made frozen meal, but saves you the trouble of thinking about the quality of the seasoning and sauces.

This way, you can also find some salt alternatives and other healthier options yourself, like some homemade tomato sauce, homegrown spices, etc.

Pay attention to the ingredient list

If you are an experienced shopper, you may be able to hack the ingredient roulette that happens during every new packed food tryout ever. But, there are always ways in which companies can fool you into buying something unhealthy.

Pay close attention to all the ingredients; if something seems strange, find it online. Be informed. Most important of all, always be sure to buy a frozen meal from a reliable company. They are careful about ingredients because they want their image to stay intact and you to come back.

Proteins and fibers

Assuming you are trying to find the healthiest food options, let’s talk about the amounts of proteins and fibers in the frozen meals you’re buying.

When buying frozen meals, try to find those with five grams of fiber per serving or more. It will better your gut health while keeping you fuller for a longer period of time. This means less snacking, therefore a healthier body. Be sure to look for something with vegetables, whole grains, and similar plant-based proteins, which will give you a fiber boost.

Let’s not forget about proteins. Staying strong depends on it since proteins help your muscles grow but also keep your bones, blood, and skin healthy. Look for frozen meals that have 15 grams of protein or more. Also, having a proper amount of protein in your everyday diet will most likely help with your weight management.

What about if you prefer pizzas and pasta?

Yes, many people just love to heat up some frozen macaroni with cheese, chicken lasagna, or a juicy pizza. But, if you are looking for a healthier diet, at least keep an eye on which kinds of meat, cheese, vegetable, or even dough the manufacturer uses.

While a greasy pepperoni pizza with tons of heavy cheese brings a certain joy, it might just clog your arteries fast. If you are buying a frozen pizza, maybe look for a nice veggie or seafood one. It can still provide enough protein and keep you full while keeping your system ready for action with some vitamins as well. If you prefer “real” meats, at least choose a pizza with quality lamb or chicken.

The same goes for pasta – it doesn’t have to contain a whole bunch of unhealthy sauce, heavy milk cream, or bacon to be tasty. Choose something with good meat, vegetables, and watch for the ingredient list – there are often lots of added sugars in there, which you should avoid.