Tips To Finalize On An Invite When Planning Your Wedding

Wedding card

A wedding invite is a way by which you can announce your wedding to your guests and invite them to be a part of your happiness. Your wedding will be one of the most important days in your life which makes it really important to give a proper thought in deciding on a wedding invite that represents your personality and looks captivating.

Be it designing your invites on your own or hiring a graphic designer to design them for you with the help of wedding planners, it is you who have to decide what to include in the invitation and how to present it.

Here are some tips that we believe will come in handy when you’re deciding on a perfect wedding invite.

What Colours and Patterns Will Be Ideal?

Deciding on the proper colours for the cards, that represent the theme your guests will be greeted with, at your wedding venue is really important. You can choose colours that’ll look great and will also represent your style. Choose from some cool colours like a lighter shade of blue or you can also go with some vibrant hues like yellows. It is also important to decide on some patterns that go in the background as well. You can select from some traditional patterns or may keep this casual by including some floral patterns.

Which Kind Of Envelope To Put The Invite In?

So, now that the wedding invitation is ready, you’ll need to think of a great looking envelope as well. The envelope will be the first thing that your guests will be greeted with, and this makes it all the more important to have a great looking envelope. The envelope chosen should have a similar design pattern as the invite as it’ll help keep everything in line. One thing to remember when designing an envelope is that the names of the guests must be clearly mentioned along with the postal address of the recipient.

What Paper Should Be Used?

A simple paper that you use for writing every day won’t cut it for making the invites and instead, some thick and hard paper must be considered for printing them out. Some handmade papers or textured ones will add a bit to your budget but will also look great.

How Many Invites Must Be Prepared?

You must remember that you don’t have to prepare an invitation for every person on your long list of guests. There will be many couples in the list who’ll be living at the same address. So, in  order to get a rough estimate you can half the no. of guests in the list. However, when placing the final order for the invite to be prepared you must confirm on the exact number. You must also order some additional invitations just in case!

When To Dispatch The Invites?

When to dispatch the invites so that it reaches everyone in time and they can arrange for their travels as early as possible is a really important thing to consider. There is quite a possibility that you have some relatives really far away from your city as well. So, you must make sure that you dispatch all invites at least 3 months before the day of your wedding.

What To Include In Invitations?

The wedding invitation wordings that go into the card are really important and must be carefully decided on. You must include all the important details like the address of the venue, the names of the bride and groom along with the dates and timings of all the different ceremonies. It will be great if you can also include a small map from the nearest famous landmark leading up to the venue as this will make it very much easier for the guests to find their way to the wedding venue.

You just have to remember that it is really important to think carefully about the invites as they are something that sets the stage for your wedding theme. If you are a classic kind of person then decide on an invite that is classy and minimal. If you are more flowing kind of a bride and want some extravagant invites then also there will be many great options to choose from. The only thing that you must keep in mind is to not go too over the top and stick to your budget.


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