Top 10 Easy Aquarium Plants for Beginners

Aquarium Plants

The interior design of rooms where plants are required is just as significant as the aquarium plant itself. Aquarium plants provide a scenic background to your place and make the area look more in tune with nature. 

Why specifically aquarium plants? Because they provide that flora and fauna to your area. Especially when you have a certain type of fish, actually, all types of fish need the water quality to be superior for their survival. 

With that said, here are the 10 easiest aquarium plants to buy and maintain if you are not already familiar with their whole concept. 

Moss Balls

These Marimo balls are literally known for being easy to maintain. Neither plants nor moss, these are actually algae that just like staying as balls. Yes, quite literally, the only sort of maintenance it needs is whenever you change the water of your aquarium, just ball it with your fists so that it keeps the ball shape and can, in turn, get adequate sunlight. 

Cryptocoryne Wendtii

The best part about this affordable plant species is that it does not need any sort of fertilizer or CO2 to keep thriving. Sufficient sunlight and some root tabs are all it needs to survive, mostly because it likes to feed on the roots. And the most fun aspect is that they come in colors including green, tropical and red. 

Bacopa Caroliniana

Something out of the regulars so far; if you are an admirer or want to try stem plants, this should be top of your list. Again, a plant that does not require CO2 injections, how convenient. However, it does enjoy a bit of fertilizer every now and then. And just like any other plant, with more than enough sunlight or iron dousing, the plant’s leaves can turn coppery or reddish. 

Amazon Sword

Now, isn’t that a cool-sounding name? A classic in most home aquariums, it will provide your aquarium with the richness of green. All it needs to survive are some root tabs. 

Aponogeton Crispus

Like most other aquarium plants, these too are to be grown outside water. The special part about this specific plant is that it grows from a bulb into a luscious plant with light-green leaves and does not need much light in the process or after the fact. 

If you are looking for a plant that grows rapidly, costs very little, get tall, and even gives you beautiful flowers to admire, this is your best bet. 

Christmas Moss 

Especially good if you have a breeding tank, these mini Christmas tree-like plants provide the perfect cover for your fish and shrimp to breed. To make it grow a bit quicker, you are free to douse it with some fertilizer, preferably liquid. 

Java Fern

Yes, you guessed it right. They get their name from the island of Java in Indonesia. What makes them special is that they come in a variety, including narrow, lace, or trident. A unique feature about these plants is that they grow from the rhizome or stem, so make sure you plant them into rock crevices or wood to help them grow properly. 


Want an aquarium jungle for your fish that are known for eating plants by digging them up? This is the most efficient and low-budget way to achieve that thought. All they need is some fertilizer and root tabs to grow healthy and strong. 

Dwarf Sagittaria

Do you know-how in biology certain plants react to stimuli? Well, this plant is unique and known for that very aspect. If you grow them with a lot of light, they can provide a cool aquascape for your aquarium. However, if you want a plant that grows tall, then simply grow them under less light so that they try to get more light by growing tall. Truly a weird dwarf. 

Another interesting plant on the list. If you are looking for great beginner plants, these are what you should start with. This species can most definitely be used to give your aquarium more texture and taste because of their square stem structure with leaves as an added benefit. 

And yes, to get the plant growth maximized, you will need to inject it with some CO2; it is a plant that uses photosynthesis, after all. 


And there you go; these are some of the most beginner-friendly aquarium plants to utilize for your first experience with these beauties. From roofscapes to different looks, these plants can do it all just with a bit of fertilizer and root tabs. Because, at the end of the day, remember that as an escape room, plants are the solution to your aquarium look puzzles. 

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