Top 10 Offline Vintage Jewellery Shops in New York City

Vintage Jewellery Shops

NYC is called the city that never sleeps. The streets of NYC are always crowded with tourists for shopping. You call this place the hub for finance, business, art, theatre, museum and all the possible adventures.

Another aspect of this city which is rarely popular is the collection of big jewellery houses. NYC is home to the most prominent jewellery brands around the world. It’s a dream of every emerging fashion house, beauty product manufacturing company or jewellery house to have its brand established in the most significant business hub of the world, the NY city.

Although the world has become closer with a single tap on your mobile phone or laptop screen, some vintage jewellery shops still like to work in their old school way. These jewellery stores do not need any kind of advertisement or marketing to make their mark. You will find amazing antique and vintage jewellery designs in these shops.

Just note down the names for your next visit to New York. Thank us later for these priceless suggestions.

1. Losselliani:

A well-established name in the jewellery industry, this brand was founded by Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci in Rome. They are prominently known for their mastery of connecting the past with the future through unconventional designs. All the collections hold a piece of traditional designs. They deal in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. The store has been running for almost a decade now in the Nomad district of NY. If you are interested in some classic designs with a blend of modern art, this store is the right place for you undoubtedly.

2. Alexis Bittar:

Born to professors and antique collectors, Alexis Bitter started his journey in jewellery designing with lucite jewellery items. His work got recognised by big designers and he slowly started to rise. The tables turned after he got the biggest breakthrough of his life as a jewellery designer for a character in “Sex and the city”. Alexis Bittar has an unmatchable sense of designing modern jewellery and so is his incredible choice of antique collection. You can buy some outstanding vintage jewellery at his store located on Columbus Ave NYC

3. Cartier:

It’s a French luxury brand that deals in almost every type of accessory. Their collections are one of the best-rated jewellery designs around the globe. They deal in jewellery, handbags, watches, and high jewellery. Like all the modern collections, Cartier is well known for its vintage and antique collection of bracelets, earrings, engagement rings and necklaces. So, in case you are visiting NYC go get a vintage piece from their fifth avenue located store.

4. Doyle & Doyle:

A proud example of women leads jewellery brand Doyle & Doyle is standing its ground with spectacular jewellery designs. This brand has a stunning variety of diamond engagement bands, rings, bracelets and bangles. Along with these contemporary designs, Doyle & Doyle is trending for their handpicked vintage jewellery pieces. The collection of antique jewellery will mesmerise you. You can visit their store for some classic earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. In addition to this, the brand has launched its heirloom inspired by antique jewellery. All the jewellery is designed and crafted locally in New York.

5. Reve Diamonds:

Reve diamonds was founded in London but now holds a store on Fifth Avenue New York. The brand is popular for its best quality of diamonds and services. The company claims to provide the diamonds at a comparatively lower cost than its competitors by cutting the middle man. Reve Diamonds ships its collections at wholesale price. The antique and vintage collection of the diamonds at Reve’s include princess cut, European-cut, round-cut, baguette diamond bracelets, sapphires and many more collections in white gold, sterling silver and platinum.

6. Taylor & Hart:

The London based jewellers have now made a mark in New York City. The brand is best known for custom made jewellery for the people who want to engrave their feelings and love in their wedding and engagement rings. Taylor & Hart later expanded their brand into the world of vintage jewellery and successfully established their name in this genre. Their collection of vintage and antique designs is worth applauding.

7. Tiffany & Co.:

Charles Lewis Tiffany is the name behind this arguably biggest brand in the jewellery industry. His passion for the jewellery collection made the brand what it is today. Starting from traditional designs Tiffany & Co. is just growing every day with modern designs. The antique and vintage jewellery collection of this brand is renowned for its craftsmanship and artistry. The brand no longer needs an introduction. People who love to buy jewellery know the worth of Tiffany & Co. very well. Moreover, it’s a dream of jewellery lovers to buy some classic pieces of modern art from it.

8. Bulgari:

Bulgari has a long history of jewellery design since 1884. The founder was a Greek silversmith named Sotirio Bulgari. He was a well-renowned craftsman whose designs reflected the traditions of his roots in Rome. The company then rose to fame in the 1920s for its high design jewellery in Gold. Gradually the company introduced precious and coloured stones in the jewellery and expanded its business at tourist places. Bulgari is still connected to its more than a century-old vintage and antique jewellery collection.

9. Mikimoto:

Kokichi Mikimoto founded the brand in 1893 to make pearls a contemporary jewellery staple. The brand has been running its store for the last 120 years now. The preserver of cultured pearls, Mikimoto is applauded for timeless designs of pearl jewellery. Mikimoto has got the most iconic vintage and antique jewellery designs of pearls specifically. If you are looking for pure, original pearls curated with traditional designs, Mikimoto is the only place for ending your search.

10. Greenwich Jewelers:

The Greenwich jewellers are located at Trinity PI, New York. This family establishment is currently run by Jennifer and Christiana Gandia. The store has gained popularity for its top-notch services and jewellery collection from 1976 to till date. They also deal in vintage and antique jewellery items. You must have a look at their authentic designs from the past.

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