Top 3 Best Essential Oils For Energy You Cannot Ignore


If you wake up in the morning, you do not want to go to work, though work is always overwhelming. There is no time for yourself and your family. People are suspended, distracted, not enough energy to do anything, sometimes do not know where you want to go.

At this time, you need to the solution that can treat the root of your problem.

These essential oils work in the sense of smell that is a part of the limbic system, which connects to the brain region that functions to process emotions and concentration. Let’s see which essential oils for energy have a good effect you should try through the article below!

1. Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is soothing and relaxing that your nervous system is resting, reducing the stress and the risk of depression. It also can stimulate your awareness and improve your energy.

First of all, we need to know there are many ways to diffuse natural essential oils as well as rosemary oil. Rosemary oil, which is an active ingredient that evaporates quite rapidly, is naturally fragrant with miraculous effects radiating out of space.

Hence, to develop to a high degree of advantages and the effective use of pure rosemary oil for health and energy, using essential oils burning lamp to diffuse the aroma is the best choice. It helps you relax and stay healthy after stressful working hours.

In addition to, the method also saves time because nowadays with modern industrial life it is rare that people have enough time to take a sauna.

You can use two types of essential oils burning lamps by electricity or candle.

Method 1:

  • Pour cold water or hot water in 60 – 70 degrees C into the mouth of the lamp about ½ to ⅔
  • Candles are placed in the middle of the lamp.
  • Then add 3-4 drops of pure rosemary oil
  • For cold water, you should wait 2-3 minutes for the water to heat, and then add to the oil. If the water is cold, it will reduce the effect of oil.
  • Use a colorless candle to burn the oil.

Method 2:

Electric oil-burning lamps are now more popular than burning oil with candles. The reason is that of the safety and convenience of the electric light when they place indoors such as you do not worry children play with candles or touch fire, they safely operate when you are away, and you don’t need to replace candles often.

Here is how to burn oil with electric light:

  • Rinse and dry the plate containing the water or rosemary oil to avoid confusion between the different odors.
  • Then, pour lukewarm water (60 – 70 degrees Celsius and above) on the plate, more or less depending on the time you intend to burn and room space.
  • Pour 3 – 5 drops of rosemary oil into the water.
  • Turn on electricity to heat the mixture of water and rosemary oil.
  • When the water begins to boil, it is time for the oil to diffuse into the air, so you can adjust the potentiometer so that the light of the oil lamp is softened.

Both methods have their advantages. But in general, they all promote the significant effects of essential oils. Thanks to its sleek, colorful shapes, these essential oils burning lamps can also be used as night lamps, decorations in your offices, bedrooms, corridors and you make use of rosemary oil for energy conveniently.

2. Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil can stimulate your brain to help with memory and concentration. In addition, it also has the effect of calming and cooling which in turn promotes relaxation and stimulates clearer thinking.

A study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2013 analyzed the effects of Menthol and some other essential oils on those who are depressed and tired. The study concluded that the use of menthol might reduce the level of fatigue or mental exhaustion. And now the research on the effect of peppermint oil is still ongoing.

In addition to, the fragrance of mint can also stimulate the areas of the brain responsible for alertness, such as the brain’s activation grid.

How to do:

  • You blend pure peppermint oil with vegetable oil or body milk.
  • Typically, phase 15 drops of peppermint oil with 50 ml of vegetable oil or body milk. If the package notes for massage and does not guide the dilution, the product is already prepared. Most products on the market belong to this category.
  • You dissolve the mixture oil with hot water (about 50 – 60 degree Celsius)
  • You pour the mixture into the pot so that the mixture level is beyond on the ankle about 10 to 15 cm.
  • You can also soak your legs if you want to increase blood circulation and prevent varicose veins.
  • Increase the temperature from the time of soak by adding to hot water until the body warms up.
  • The time for soaking is not too long, about 15 – 30 minutes is enough.
  • The best time to soak is from 5 pm to 7 pm because this is the time when the kidneys are active.


Peppermint oil can cause allergies in susceptible people. Before soaking, apply a few drops of oil (mixed) to the palms or folds of the elbows. For about an hour, if no redness or burning sensation occurs, peppermint oil can be used.

Avoid using peppermint oil for pregnant women, allergic asthma, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, severe illness.

And finally, keep the peppermint oil out of the reach of children.

3. Basil oil

The stimulating electrodes in basil oil are essential for energy. It can help combat mental fatigue and improve brain function related to attention, virtual memory.

When you want to relax after long days, soaking in hot tubs with basil oil is the choice many women in the world.

How to do:

  • You pour 7 – 8 drops of basil oil into the warm water to dissolve the oil.
  • Soak yourself in the mixture for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • You should keep the warm water temperature at 38 degrees Celsius for summer and 39-40 degrees in winter.

Alternatively, you can only need 2-3 drops of basil oil on a handkerchief, then put near the pillow to sleep. This way you can enjoy the aroma of basil oil even while sleeping.


You can easily select one of these essential oils for energy and use one of three simple methods to help you relax, focus and enhance your energy source. Besides using essential oils for energy, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet with essential nutrients needed for the body.

Author Bio: JASMINE HE
Jasmine HeBeing interested in health and beauty as well as having a strong desire for the well-being, I have a broad knowledge of this area after having the patience to learn and experience it for a couple of years. Along with my current education job, I have now been working as a freelance writer on health and beauty.