Top 5 Cheapest Toy Market in Delhi

Channapatna Wooden Toys

Toys are important for every kid & without it the childhood was incomplete. Remember, when you were a kid then you had a favorite toy that you used to carry everywhere. Toys are not used for play, it is also used to generate interest of your kids in physical activities. Apart from that, it’s important for child development. Many toys help to improve your child’s skills with minimum effort.

Kids loves toys; if you don’t believe then you should the cheapest toy market in Delhi & get the experience of it.

Here are the Top 5 Toys Markets in Delhi

Sardar Bazaar Toy Market

Sardar Bazaar

Sardar Bazaar is a Delhi one of the oldest wholesale market and street markets. This market is one of the best places for toy shopkeepers and you can find various products under one roof. Apart from that, many shopkeepers all over the world like to visit sadar bazaar to get the goods at affordable rates. In this market, you can get made in India or imported varieties of toys. There are lots of small shops in this narrow street market and every shop has different varieties of toys. This market is open after 10 am in the morning and closes 9 pm in the evening. Apart from that, most of the shops remain closed on Sunday.

Patri Market Jhandewalan (Soft Toys)

soft toy

Patri Market in Jhandewalan is one the cheapest soft toys market in Delhi. This soft toys market starts from the nearest bus stand of the Jhandewalan metro station. You can easily get a variety of soft toys on your budget like teddy bears, gorillas, Mickey Mouse, pandas, etc soft toys. The price range starts from 10 to 1500 Indian rupees.

Karol Bagh Toy Market

Karol Bagh Toy Market

Karol Bagh is also one of the best markets for toys & you will wide range of collections for toys in this market. In this market, you will get budget-friendly toys but this market is a little bit expensive to the Sardar market. The quality of the product is good and durable. The best part of this market, you will get those toys that can help to build your baby’s skill. This market remains closed on Monday.

Chadani Chowk Toy Market

Chadani Chowk Toy Market

If you need specific products without wasting your time on the internet search then Chandi Chowk is made for you. You will get specific products without burning a significant hole in your pocket. In Chandi Chowk, there are lots of big shops that will offer you a fixed price to get a better deal.

Hunar Haat Wooden Toy Market

Channapatna Wooden Toys

This is 14 days market in a year in Delhi organized by the Govt. of India to promote the local handcraft products in the market. In this event, more than 700 artisans and craftsmen from 30 states are taking part. In this market, you can get eco-friendly toys that are made from wood. These toys are also famous for their different name “Channapatna Wooden Toys”.  These toys are made of 100% wooden material with no plastic so these toys are good for your kid’s health.


These markets are very crowded and you should be aware of pickpockets. You have to go with the bargaining option to get budget-friendly deal. You have to be careful while purchasing items in these markets because the quality of the products may not be good. I hope these markets help you to get a better durable toy for your kids. In addition, you can go with  “Channapatna Wooden Toys” which are made with 100% wooden material.