Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Camping Experience

Camping Experience

I can sum up my first camping experience in two words – ultimate disaster. It was a spontaneous trip my friends and I took, and I have to admit, at the time, I thought I was uber cool for being in “the wild”.

Also during that time, as I was laying in my rain-drenched hammock, clothes damped with drizzles that trickled in my hammock straps, flicking away all the insects that seemed to surge towards me from all directions, I thought – a really nice, warm, and comfortable bed would be nice right about now.

It would’ve been an epic first camping experience save for one teeny-weeny thing – forgetting my rain tarp! A lot of things can go wrong if you don’t plan before your camping trip: Getting lost, unable to sleep, insufficient supplies, forgetting something, getting sick, or worse, getting hurt! All of which leads you to be an – unhappy camper. And that’s not the whole point in camping, is it? So, let’s tackle these top 5 tips to have a better camping experience; you might just be able to look back and say – that was one heck of a trip!

1 Plan Down to the Last Detail

While sometimes we get a kick out of spontaneity, planning before your journey will make for a better camping experience. This way, you won’t forget some important and valuable things needed (like a rain tarp, who forgets a rain tarp anyway?). Also, this is a perfect time to select the right location and list some activities that everybody enjoys, just so everyone has a heads up of what’s about to unfold.

2 Take the Right Gear

This is, unquestionably, the most important tip for your camping trip! Bring the appropriate gear to enjoy a bit of comfort in your journey. One disadvantage for others when camping is sleeplessness. Sometimes, a simple tent won’t suffice, bring the best camping cots for better sleep and energy the morning after.

3 Bring Adequate Supplies

An insufficient supply of food and water will take a huge toll on everybody, physically and mentally. Make sure to bring more than enough. If you have a hunting ability, then looking for food shouldn’t be a problem. Otherwise, pack on all the goodies your backpacks can carry!

4 Never Forget Your First-Aid Kit

A good scout will always be equipped with a basic first-aid kit. You’ll never know when this might come in handy. And it’s also very convenient to pack so there shouldn’t be any reason to leave this, out of all things, behind.

5 Carry Signaling Devices

Shape While Traveling

You should always come prepared. In the wild, anything can happen. While it’s also good to let everyone back home know where exactly you’re going; it’s especially smart to bring a personal locator beacon, just in case. Better yet, bring some flare guns, mirrors, whistles, or anything you can use as a signaling device for an untimely situation.