Top 5 Travel Hacks for Your Next RV Trip

RV Trip

If you want to give traveling in an RV a go, then, by all means, muster up all your courage and jump right into it. But halt! Hold your horses. I don’t mean RIGHT NOW. But I meant to do the planning first, then take the first step (or first drive, rather).

First things first, check your budget and decide whether you want to buy or rent an RV. If you’ve had a change of heart and decided to travel in an RV for the rest of the year to get in touch with nature and freedom; then buying an RV would be a good investment. Otherwise, renting would definitely hack it. And when all that is taken care of, you can then start planning your routes, take practice drives, pack all necessary equipment, and invest in the best RV generator there is!

Why? Travel. RV. Electricity. Gadgets. Equipment. Tools. Get it? When you’re RVing, the power supply is of the essence! I’m not talking about how you can upload your pictures on your social media account (although this might be equally important for IG’s sake), but to name a few that do need a sufficient amount of electricity are your coffee maker, toaster, microwave, hair dryers, and television or stereos for entertainment (you’ll be needing a lot of this, FYI).

Obviously, you can connect to a good campground electrical service. But when you’re boondocking, the best RV generator will act as your best friend the entire trip! So be smart and save yourself the hassle of not being able to drink good coffee in the morning because of zero power supply.

Traveling in an RV doesn’t have to be an uphill battle especially for first-timers, so here are 5 of the many travel hacks for your next RV trip.

1   Collapsible Garbage Cans

Leave no trace. This is especially important when cruising down the road in your RV. You want to be as zero-waste as possible. And being in an RV restricts space and storage, opt for collapsible cans, storage, and even cook wares!

2   Insulate with Bubble Wrap

When you’re on the road and the last ray of sunshine is gone, be prepared for those extra chilly winter days. Cut some bubble wraps and stick it on your window panes with the bubble side towards the glass. Easy and it does the trick!

3   Light Up Walkways with Glow in the Dark Tape

Let’s face it, there are some who are jinxed and constantly topples over the stairs or walkways. Stick some glow-in-the-dark tape on to the sides so they can watch their steps.

4   Make Use of Rods

RVing means you’re on the move all the time. It can be annoying how things in the RV joggle, use a rod with suction cups to put everything in place.

5   Keep the Free Stuff

Those free sachets like ketchup or mustard are real life-savers in your RV trip. Keep them! They cut down on your budget and save space too!

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