Top 7 Free Trial Chat Astrology Websites in India


Nowadays people do not have enough time to sit with an astrologer and explain their problems and try to find solutions. The Internet is an easy medium for such people. Some good websites based on astrology: There is no dearth of people in our country who believe in astrology, palmistry, horoscopes, and futurology. But sometimes it is not possible to reach a good astrologer. Nowadays people do not have enough time to sit comfortably with an astrologer and explain their problems and try to find solutions. The Internet is an easy medium for such people. Today many good websites based on astrology are engaged in providing services through the internet.

In this post, we are going to share some of the best astrology websites that will help you to talk with the astrologer. These websites offer only 2-5 minute free trial options after that you have to pay the charges for their services.


Astrotalk is one of the famous astrology website for online astrology prediction. This website also helps to generate free kundli, horoscopes, and online chat options with astrologers. There are more than 300+ famous listed astrologers on the website that will help to solve any query related to finance, career, health, and relationships. This website offers you 5-minute free trial options to talk with the astrologer. The paid plan starts from 5 rupees per minute.



AstroKun is another famous astrology website in India that offers a free trial option to connect with the astrologer. This website helps you to know about your Love & Relationship, Job and Career, Health, and Wealth / Finance via call, chat, kundali matching, and live sessions. They have free and paid options to connect with the famous astrologer. The paid plan start from 15 rupees per minute.



AstroYogi is another famous first 5-minute free astrology consultation website that connects users with astrologers, numerologists, tarot card readers, and other spiritual advisors for consultations. On this website, you can easily find experienced or non-experienced astrologers at your budget price.



Famous astrologer Chirag Daruwalla, who is usually seen with TV channels and film stars, also provides consultancy to the common people through his website However, to ask questions, you can send an email to Daruwalla or talk to him on call. The precise solutions given by him have brought happiness to the lives of many people. You can book an appointment with Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla for problems related to money, health, relationships, married life, etc. Festival calendars, Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes are available for free on their website.



Bhikshu Vyas aims to provide transparent, reliable, and trustworthy information about astrology. This is the only website that offers refunds on its services if the customer is not satisfied. This practice aligns well with their objective of transparency. This website offer free or paid plan to the user to connect with the astrologer. The paid plan starts from 20 rupees to connect with the experience astrologer.



Astrobhambi is a famous astrology website which is run by the Pandit Ajai Bhambi, a self-proclaimed “world-famous astrologer” based in Delhi, India. Although a lot of information and services are available on this commercial website of famous astrologer Ajay Bhambi, you will not find anything like free consultation. If you want information about your problems or future, you will have to pay a fee. Pandit Ji also runs many types of astrology courses to which one can apply for admission on the website itself. Information about their latest activities, books, and facility to buy certified gems will also be available here.



Astro Yatra takes you on a journey of knowledge. You can learn about yourself and your stars from Astro Travel teachers. They also provide daily horoscopes with all types of ‘Dosh Nivaran’ i.e. ‘Shani Dosh’, ‘Mangal Dosh’, etc. You can find detailed information about various Hindu festivals like ‘Karva Chauth’ and Diwali.



Astrology can guide you to a wonderful future. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. Moreover, you have these top astrology websites in India for additional help.