Top Pillow Brands in India & Uses and Types

Pillow Cover

It doesn’t matter what’s your sleeping position a pillow plays an important role to sleep perfectly. Our face, head, and hand get contacted with the pillowcase so it’s important for us to choose the right pillow brands or fabric for your bed pillow.

  1. Sleepsia
  2. Pum pum
  3. The white willow
  4. Recron certified
  5. Fazethree
  6. Ddecor
  7. Kuber industries
  8. Sleepycat
  9. Sleepx
  10. Rk foam house pvt. Ltd
  11. Morning owl
  12. Wakefit
  13. Doctordreams
  14. Zen bamboo

Uses and Types of Pillow Cases to Boost Your Sleep

Pillow cases/covers are common items in life, but do we really understand pillow covers? How should we choose the most suitable pillow cover?

Pillow covers are things that wrap the pillow like the cloth pocket. These are the important part of modern pillows. Pillow covers are the removable covering of the pillows which are easily washable. Pillow covers also helps us to have a sound sleep. The normal size of pillow cover is 48*74 cm. Let’s know more about pillow cases.

Types of Pillow Covers

There are two types of commonly used pillow covers – housewife and oxford.


This is the most popular type of pillow cover. One side is closed and the other side has an opening for inserting your pillow. Pillows fit easily in this design, and an inside piece of fabric on the open side secures the pillow in the pillow cover. This is the widely available and affordable pillow cover in the market.


These are a little fancier than housewife style. It has a border around the edges, around two inches wide. A plain oxford pillow cover can be used as a primary pillow, but many use oxford pillow covers as decorative simulation for their beds.


Now let’s come to the fabric we should choose for pillow covers.

Pillow covers come in different fabrics and textures. Fabric should be chosen on the basis of comfort, sustainability, ease of care and other factors. Some fabrics offer unexpected benefits, like claiming to be better for your skin.

Cotton pillowcase

Cotton is a natural fabric that is soft and long lasting. It’s breathable, that means the pillow cover will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. People find pure cotton pillow cases to be luxurious and easy to care for, but it costs more than synthetic fabrics. Cotton pillow covers are available in all sizes- standard, queen,king, and a body pillow. You can also find them in various colours, but they tend to be solid instead of elaborated designs.

Bamboo Pillowcase

Bamboopillow covers are produced with fiber from the bamboo plant that naturally keep the surface of your pillow cool and comfortable. They are highly waterproof, prevents moisture from soaking your head at night.

Microfiber pillowcase

Microfiberpillowcase is a synthetic material made of more polyester with less amounts of other fibers, like nylon, acrylic or rayon. Microfiber is often an upholstery fabric on furniture and pillows because it resembles cashmere without needing the same care a benefit of microfiber is the stain resistance as well as easy to wash.

Polyester pillowcase 

Polyester pillow cover is an affordable option. It is light weight and wrinkle free fabric. Some are turn to mimic cotton, woven tightly into a microfiber, while some have silky feel. This fabric can also run hot, absorbing body heat and makes you warm at night. Polyester pillow covers are available in all standard sizes in market.

How you can keep pillowcases on?

Most pillowcase are designed to fit cozily around your pillow, but sometimes pillows can slip out of the side openings, especially if you move around a lot at night. Here are some tips to keep your pillow inside your pillow cover like Velcro Strips can be sewed or glued to the open end of your pillow covers. You can sew a Zipper in order to securely close your pillow covers. Safety Pins can also be sewed for a simple and quick way to keep your pillow inside its case.

Buying pillow covers online?

If you are on the search for a collection of pillow covers, here’s where you can make an absolute choice. When you are making your choice and finally buy pillow covers, keep in mind the design, fabric, and quality. Select a fabric that is less likely to crease and is crafted in high quality materials that don’t wear down or become dull with time. This is what most likely will set the tone of your bedroom or living area.


There are various types of pillow covers available in market. Few are more commonly used, while some are used for sham pillows. It comes in variety of fabrics and colours, so this article will help you to pick right option for your pillow.