What are the Physical and Behavioral Signs of Drug Abuse?


When you are searching for a “substance abuse treatment near me” for yourself or a loved one, it is human to feel overwhelmed. You may be wondering if you should even be doing this. If you are there, you are already on the right track to better health, even if you are wrong about yourself or a loved one. Learn more about the signs of drug abuse here, from both a behavioral perspective and that of the physical symptoms.

Physical Symptoms of Drug Abuse

As it is when someone is intoxicated, sometimes it is very easy to tell when a drug or drink is being abused. Sometimes it just isn’t. There are also very different signs and symptoms with each type of substance.

Some medications or substances may produce symptoms of bloodshot eyes or glazed eyes for example. That could be alcohol or marijuana. You may see either dilated or constricted pupils as well. A dilated pupil occurs when the pupil is very large. A constricted pupil occurs when the pupil is very small.

You may also notice some changes in personal hygiene or weight. You may stop tending to your hygiene altogether. What happens when your focus in life becomes strictly related to procuring the substance and consuming the substance. Everything else in your day is extra details that sometimes you get to, and sometimes you don’t.

As you or your loved one develops a tolerance to the substance, the need to get it and consume more will begin to consume their lives. Along with hygiene problems come eating problems. This may result in a weight change in one direction or another. There may be extreme weight loss, or extreme weight gain. There are also often sleeping issues. You or your loved one may be sleeping too much or too little.

These are just a few of the ways a substance abuse problem shows up in physical ways. When you or your loved one is searching for “substance abuse treatment near me,” these are just some things you may want to mention when it comes time to booking treatment.

Behavioral Signs of Substance Abuse

There are a number of behavioral signs as well, and sometimes these are easier to spot. Those generally include a lost interest in everyday life. Work or school responsibilities slip, personality changes occur, and they seem out of the blue, and social networks change.

You may notice they have different friends, and may even have some problems with the law. Very often, it is the behavioral changes in your life or your loved ones that are the tipping points.

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