What Does a House Cleaner Do? What to Expect from a Professional Cleaner

Domestic Cleaning

If you have a busy family life, you may have thought of hiring a professional cleaning service to supplement some of the time-consuming tasks you do on a regular basis. But like many other homeowners, you may have questions about the scope of work of cleaners, what you can expect them to do every during every cleaning appointment, and which tasks you should not require them to do.

To help you understand the standard cleaning tasks you can expect cleaning technicians to perform, we list down the different types of services you can avail, and what each service entails:

Domestic cleaning:

    • Ceiling fans wiped and dusted
    • Cleaners remove light marks on walls
    • Light dusting of blinds
    • Accessible cobwebs are removed
    • General body of oven, range hood, and stove wiped clean
    • Polishing of taps
    • Cleaners dismantle and degrease exhaust fan
    • Bathroom tiles, shower and bathtub are cleaned
    • Cleaners remove any soap residue on the bathroom sink
    • External of cabinets and drawers are wiped clean

Detail cleaning

    • Cleaning inside range hood and oven
    • Cleaners remove scale from bathroom tiles and shower heads
    • Grime and dirt buildup are removed from behind kitchen appliances
    • Carpet edges vacuumed
    • Hard to reach spots including the areas under the sink is cleaned
    • Dusting of all corners
    • Fingerprints removed from doors

If your home is already tidy, you may opt to book a “surface clean” that can be done weekly. However, if the last time you performed a deep clean of your house was months ago, you may need a one-off clean to cut through the mess and dirt that have accumulated in your living space and bedrooms.

Now that you know what you can expect cleaners to do during a regular home cleaning and a deep cleaning, we go over some of the things that professional cleaners should not be doing:

Run Errands for You

The scope of work of cleaners is typically limited to tasks that can be performed inside the client’s property. While they would be happy to help you maintain a spotless clean abode, they should not have to deal with requests that involve going out of the property and buying things from the grocery, or fetching kids from school. There are Personal Assistants who can help you with your errands, and there are handymen who can take on odd jobs, so if you need assistance on those areas, remember that you can always hire someone to fix pipes at home and to do the groceries for you.

Tidy Up Before Cleaning

There is no strict rule that says you should tidy up ahead of a cleaning appointment. But if you want to make the most of the cleaning service you will be paying for, do not leave the task of putting away clothes and other items to the cleaners. Instead, tidy up the night before,  so the cleaning personnel can focus on other important cleaning tasks such as disinfecting surfaces, removing cobwebs, and getting rid of allergens.

Renovate Your Home

A deep clean house can breathe new life into it, but it is unrealistic to think that a cleaning service can transform the look of your home after one cleaning appointment. It typically takes cleaners two to three cleans to familiarize themselves with the different parts of your house that require cleaning. After a few cleaning appointments, cleaners will get a better feel of your home and will be able to come up with an efficient way to clean it within the stipulated time. If you want them to focus on specific areas, let them know and give them an idea of the results you are looking for. Cleaners work more effectively when they are familiar with a client’s specific cleaning requirements.