What Is Candle Meditation

Candle meditation

In today’s life, everyone is very much troubled with their hectic life schedules. It’s like a regular run from day to night, to and fro. Nobody has the time to spare a minute to rest and have some spare time to enjoy some beautiful moments with family and friends. This makes them dull and lack of life. We are behaving like machines or robots. We are now lacking feelings for any one. People are mostly suffering with the distraction of mind. Their minds are wandering in the mess of varied thoughts. They never understand what actually they want from the inside of the heart. And due to this, they get lost in the crowd of their own meaningless thoughts. After all this, there comes a point where they need to find their own self to discover their real life.

Meditation: A way to spiritualism

Meditation is one of those best work outs which leads the mind to its actual destination. It helps people to regain their inner self. This helps to discover the best ways to find the inner peace which ultimately leads to peace of mind and soul. Most people today practices meditation in some or different ways to keep the calm of their mind and body. But it is necessary to practice it on regular basis to keep the rhythm. The practitioners call it an exercise which helps to accelerate the ride to spiritualism. The body connects with soul and there arose the power of sub-conscious mind which is a treasure of creativity and magical ideas.

Different Types of Meditation

candle Meditation

There are various ways of meditation practiced by people according to their choice or need of the problem. Different people have different purpose and perspective for doing meditation. Yoga is of the most famous option of meditation which is adopted by people for general and regular problems like keeping concentration and relaxation of body.

But some people suffer with more upgraded problems of distraction of mind and even have severe problem of depression. This time simple yoga never solves the problem. They need some serious and higher level treatment of meditation to resolve the problem. Candle Meditation is one of those effective ways.

Candle Meditation

Basically this process can be explained as staring or concentrating on a small object, dot or candle flame. This continuous staring helps one to increase the power of concentration. In Sanskrit, it is called “Trataka”. It helps in bringing the energy of third eye or in simple word; it helps in regaining the energy of your sub conscious mind. It helps in controlling the restless mind and focus on the aim of your life.

Process of Candle Meditation

First of all, the person who is going to practice this process needs to find a place away from any kind of distraction. Next step is to switch of all the light sources and light a candle at a comfortable place where they can sit properly. It is not necessary to darken the place but there should be no bright lights and the temperature should be normal. Sit at a distance of 50 cm from the lit candle which will be placed at the eye level and start gazing regularly on the candle flame. Initially it may be hard to concentrate but with regular practice this becomes easy and comfortable.

Benefits of Candle Meditation

  • The basic and main benefit of Candle Meditation is that it improves mental stability which ultimately leads to mental peace.
  • Due to continuous staring at candle flame, it helps concentration and the eyes start connecting directly and easily to the brain. This helps in discovering with new information about own self.
  • Different candle colours disperse different energies from the body. The person will start feeling like a new being in him. Choice of colour depends on the purpose to be achieved by the practitioner.