Why Kashmir Should Be A First Choice for Travellers

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Kashmir, a heaven on earth, is situated in the northernmost part of India. It is renowned around the world and has great tourist attractions for the extravagant scenic surroundings of the place. The place is also disputed between India and Kashmir. Kashmir has a divine feeling where be it travelers, couples or even devotees can feel the absolute peace of mind while visiting it. Demographically, Kashmir is rich in florae and fauna and is inhabited with people from almost all kinds of casts, religions, etc.

Why should you choose Kashmir?

If you are an Indian, you are very well versed with why to choose Kashmir. But if you are not, then Kashmir is said to be one of the most beautiful places in India because of its exquisite flora and fauna and scenic surroundings. The awe-inspiring sceneries are sure to make a person drool over for it. An adventure junkie or a traveling enthusiast can enjoy a mouth-watering view and experience of the place.

Kashmir is a green rich place. In other words, it is evergreen. There is a myriad of plants and animals and landforms. At night too, the night sky of the place is very exciting. The snow-covered mountains and the lakes of Kashmir are a must included part of Kashmir tour packages.

The holiness of the place

Kashmir is a divine place. It is a land of many holy places. Every year, millions of devotees throng into the temples and religious places of Kashmir to pay homage to the deity. Also, nature itself is like a religion where some people can devote themselves to nature. Amarnath Temple and many other such temples are there in Kashmir. These places are available in various Kashmir tour packages to visit and pay homage.

Places to Visit in Kashmir

Kashmir is most famous for its landforms which come with a perfect blend of flora and fauna. It is a backdrop of many snow-clad mountains and mesmerizing lakes. The surroundings of these places are very calm and serene. Kashmir is the perfect place to get an inner peace amidst nature. Let’s discuss some of the places to visit n Kashmir:

Yusmarg Srinagar

This place is famous for its lakes and other water bodies. The water bodies and lakes are surrounded by an awesome scenic view. The famous Dal Lake is situated here in Yusmarg. People usually visit this place for boating and camping trips


There s no biker who hasn’t heard the name of Ladakh. Everyone has heard about it. It is one of the best road trip spots for biking. The place has an exotic view of mountains all around and some streams and waterfalls flowing through them. Ladakh is also called “Little Tibet” as it is home to many beautiful monasteries.

Nubra Valley

Last but not least, every Kashmir tour package must contain a visit to the Nubra Valley. Known for the famous Nubhra Desert which is the coldest desert in India. The awe-inspiring part of this place is that it is a junction of all landforms starting from lakes waterfall, mountains, and deserts.