Why One Should Include Starchy Food in Their Diet?


Have you been trying to improve your eating habits and switch to something which is healthier and filling instead of eating unhealthy food throughout a day time and manage your weight? Well, definitely when you are trying lose weight you need to keep a watch on what you are eating as what eat plays a critical role. Many people out there are confused whether they should include starchy food in their diet or not?

As per a qualified nutritionist with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai, starchy food should make up around 1/3rd of the food you eat in a day. You should include wholegrain or wholemeal range of starchy food, such as brown rice, wholewheatflour, and brown, wholemeal or higher fibre white bread, to name a few.

Broadly speaking, wholewheat starchy food is mainly rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, as compared to the white ranges. Besides, potatoes with the skins on are also considered to be rich source of fiber and vitamins. For instance, when you are preparing boiled potatoes make sure you don’t remove the skin.

Why starchy food is considered to be an important part of a balanced diet?

As per a qualified nutritionist with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai, starchy food is considered to be the prime source of energy, fiber, calcium, iron and vitamins. There are people who think that starchy food can lead to weight gain which is true provided you exceed the limit of the day. All you need to do is to keep a check on how much you are eating, as well as, how much fat you are adding while cooking and serving the food. This is when usually people tend to increase their calorie intake.

Starchy foods are rich source of fiber and why fiber is considered so good?

Here are some of the pointers that you need to keep in mind:

    • Wholegrain selections of starchy foods and potatoes you should always be eaten with the skin on as it is rich in fiber content which again quite important to make your bowel movement regular.
    • Broadly speaking, the fiber is a complex compound that is easily found in vegetables, fruits and different types of wholemeal grains.
    • It is not easy for the body to break, but it helps to make the movement of other food and waste products through your small intestine. This is the reason why a qualified nutritionist with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai suggestshaving food rich in fiber.
    • So, if you are thinking about increasing your fiber intake then you should always have potatoes with skin on, wholemeal bread, and wholemeal cereals in your breakfast or anytime in the day.
    • Fibre can help keep our bowels quite regular and make you feel full throughout the day time which means you won’t be munching unnecessary snacks.

If you are thinking about losing weight and improve your bowel movement then make sure you do include starchy food items that are rich in fiber in your diet.