10 Easy Quilting Patterns for Beginners


Quilting is the beautiful craft of piecing together fabrics into an artistic design. Quilting can be as straightforward or complex as you want to make it. For new quilters, it is always best to start with an easier project until you get the hang of the sewing techniques. Here is a list of great patterns to try as you begin to adventure in quilting.

10 Simple Quilting Patterns


This pattern is about the stitch. In a meander quilt, you can piece together fabric pieces in any layout you desire. Then, you wander around sewing your lines in whatever shape, angle, or movement you want, like curly or zigzag. You meander the stitches throughout the quilt until you feel you have the right stitching pattern for your project.

Straight Line

Another stitching pattern is the straight-line stitch. This quilting design is probably the easiest of all the stitch patterns. With this simple stitch, you start at one quilt corner and sew straight lines about 1 inch apart (or your desired width). Keep sewing parallel lines until you run out of fabric. Add a little more detail by turning your quilt one-quarter turn and stitching straight lines again, making a checkered pattern.

Four Patch

Another simple pattern design is a four-patch quilt. Choose four pieces of different fabrics that catch your attention and cut them into identical right-angle triangle pieces. Piece one triangle from each fabric into square blocks and sew them all together. Once all your pieces are together, place a border around it.

Baby Quilt

If you are looking for something to snuggle a new baby in, the baby crib quilt is a straightforward design. Choose your fabric and cut it into your desired size of blocks. Take your blocks and sew them together in the design, size, and shape you want.

Quilted Playmat

Little ones love playing on the floor. Make your beloved toddler a quilted playmat with two fabric choices. Cut pieces out of each fabric for as many rows and columns as you would like the quilt to hold. Sew the alternating pieces together to create your square or rectangle playmat.

Jelly Roll Quilt

A fast-making quilt design is the jelly roll quilt. Pick out your materials, place them in a stack, roll them up together, and cut at your desired width. You now have all of your blocks ready to go. Set up the fabric pieces in the layout you want and sew them together.

Diagonal Strips

Diagonal Squares are an excellent option if you want several color splashes in your quilt. Here is the basic outline to create your diagonal strip quilt.

  • Take six pieces of fabric strips and lay them next to each other.
  • Sew the pieces together to form one big rectangle.
  • Fold the fabric piece in half – one set of three fabric schemes on each side of the fold.
  • Using a ruler grid with a 45-degree line, line up the top, sewn-end of your fabric to the line.
  • Cut along the other two triangular sides.
  • Open your piece to see your diagonal block!

Once you create your diagonal squares, piece them together for your desired layout. Turning the squares in different directions will create a unique design as the diagonal pieces turn away or blend into one another. Sew a border around the final block to bring this artistic quilt together as a masterpiece.


You can create this unique and modern arrow quilt design with your fabric choice. Cut your primary colors into the shape of a parallelogram. After cutting your material, bring two pieces together to form an arrow similar to the picture above. Continue sewing arrows of different fabrics next to each other. Once you’ve reached your desired size, add a border around your finished quilt.


Choose pre-cut fabric pieces and cut them into triangles. Pair two different styles of fabric triangles together to form a square. After you sew your triangles, sew your blocks together to complete this quilting project.


Cutting is the most time-consuming part of this simple quilt. Choose your fabrics and cut each one into your desired hexagon size. Form your layout and sew your quilt together.

An Artistic Hobby

Quilting can be a fun and relaxing hobby for anyone. From fabric colors and designs to stitching artistic weaves into the quilt, it is an adoration that lasts for years. Whether you are designing a block quilt, shape quilt, or jelly roll, you can enjoy the results of all of these easy quilting designs.

Author Bio:  Katie Tejada is a writer, editor, and former HR professional who works with companies like Sit n’ Sew Fabrics. She often covers developments in HR, business, recruiting, real estate, law and finance, but also enjoys writing about travel, interiors and events.