10 Eco-Friendly Tips for Your Roof


The roof is the primary defense for our property. Most of the homeowners try their best to pick the right type of roofing for their houses. They ensure that it should be attractive and durable at the same time. There are many types of roofs that one can select for his house. If you are confused in deciding the right type of roof for your house, then it is better to get in touch with a professional roofing company to hire the best Roofing Contractors cape cod for the guidance. The skilled workers will analyze your roof and will resolve the problem.

What if we tell you that you can follow an environment-friendly approach when selecting the roof for your house? No matter whether you are constructing a new roof or doing repairs, there are plenty of ways for making your roof green. To help you out, following are the few additions that can be made to make a difference:

1-Wood Shakes and Shingles

Wood is a renewable resource as compared to the oil used in some roofing materials. Using this in the construction means that you are moving on the environment-friendly approach from the beginning. You can get better results by using sustainably harvested wood and even go for shakes and shingles that are made from reclaimed wood.

2-Recycled Shingles

Due to the advancement, some new manufacturing and recycling processes can do magic with materials like wood fiber and plastic. With recycling post-consumer and post-industrial will keep it away from the landfills. This will reduce the manufacturing energy and you don’t have to compromise on the good looks as well. The recycled shingle looks great similar to the shingle made out of virgin materials.

If you are planning to install the recycled shingles for you roof, then it is recommended to get professional roofing service from a competent roofing company to get the best results.

3-Metal Roofs

The metal roofs can be made from a variety of metals. Aluminum alloys is one of the most common choices. A roof can be made from 50-95% of the recycled metal and can be made into a wide variety of shapes. This will last longer and when you will plan to get rid of the roof, the metals can be recycled.

4-Slate Roofs

Slate have been in use for centuries as one of the natural roofing material. Many of the slate roofs are best known to last longer up to hundreds of year and still they look great. Reclaimed slates are even greener as compared to the new ones and the durability given is similar to the stone.

5-Reinforced Rubber Shingles

Technically these are the recycled shingles and they need to be mentioned here. These shingles are made from the recycled tires that are moved to the landfill. The tires are shredded and reshaped into shingles that are good in terms of durability and insulation.

6-Install Roof Overhangs

One of the greatest use of energy in our house is to keep it cool when residing in warmer areas. You can cut down your energy usage by installing the roof overhangs. This will help you to cool down the house and block most of the direct sunlight through the windows.

To get them installed properly for saving on the energy bills, you should get in touch with a roof installation company. The skilled technicians will do the job right using proper tools and techniques. All the work regarding repair and installation is under the supervision of an experienced roofing contractor.

7-Install Solar Panels

Solar panel technology still needs a level where it can fulfill the supply of your house and with the passage of time, they are coming close. If the panels are installed correctly, then they will take care of some of the biggest energy drains and can power up your air conditioners, heating water, and more.

8-Go for a Green Roof

One of the great options to be environment-friendly is to go for a green roof. If your building is having a flat roof, then you can cover your entire roof with a plant to create a garden. This will add the amount of oxygen in area and also provide great insulation. Additionally, the building having roof access will get more recreational area and also increase the value of a property.

9-Light-Colored Roof

You can get the roof in a variety of colors and still it will be environment-friendly. You should consider the color that is reflective or appear on the lighter end of the color spectrum. The selection of this color will help you to reflect the light away from your house. This will keep your house cool and will also save the electricity bills because you don’t have to use the air-conditioner much for keeping your house cool.

10-Invest Correctly

You should remember one thing when you are going for environment-friendly options, this will cost you more. It is a one-time investment. You will have to pay more for the solar panels and slate roofs as compared to the cheap asphalt shingles as you will be protecting the environment and this will save your money in the long run. With better efficiency and lower energy usage, you will have to spend less on the utilities. Due to the usage of better materials, they will last longer and you will have to spend less on the repairs. You don’t have to replace your roof soon and this will ultimately help you save a lot of your money.


These were the ten eco-friendly tips for your roofs. You can use any of the aforementioned to save the environment. And if you’re thinking of giving a new look to your roof by repairing it properly, you can contact professional companies to hire the Cape Cod roofer. The expert crew will do a thorough inspection to analyze the problem so that they can fix all the problems to give a new look to your roof.