Making A Quad Bike Road Legal And Places You Can Ride It


Quad riding has taken the UK by storm, and All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) are a common sight, as more and more people take to four wheels to enjoy the great British countryside. If you would like to take up quad riding, the best solution is to buy a road legal quad, which allows you to ride the machine to your final destination, rather than having to put it on a trailer. 

Road Legal Quads

A road legal quad is taxed and insured, much like a regular car, and should it be older than 3 years, it also needs to be MOT tested annually. Fortunately, there are online companies with road legal quad bikes for sale, and they would have a selection of both new and used machines of all sizes and styles.

Registering with DVLA

If you want to ride a quad on the roads in the United Kingdom, for example, it must first be registered with the DVLA, and it must have both front and rear number plates. You will also need a full driving licence, as well as compulsory third party insurance, and once the formalities have been completed, the open roads await.

Great Quad Riding Venues

Quad Ride

Now that you have got your road legal quad, you will no doubt be anxious to experience some of the great trails that the UK has to offer. Unfortunately, you can simply ride into the forest, as many trails are for pedestrians only, and the best solution is to visit one of the many quad biking venues that are designed for those who want thrilling quad experiences. There are more than one dozen great quad riding venues within a 25-mile radius of London, and wherever you happen to live, all it takes to find the best quad tracks is a Google search. The more varied your venues, the quicker you will become an accomplished rider, and there are many great quad riding venues across the UK, each with its own unique set of challenges.

Safety First

When riding a quad over natural terrain, safety must always come first, and tearing through a forest that you are not familiar with is asking for trouble. If you visit quad riding venues, the tracks are designed with quads in mind, and most venues also have tuition, and you can even hire a quad if you don’t yet own one. Wearing the right protective equipment and clothing is essential, and with a healthy respect for the power you are controlling, you will gradually become a very competent rider who can take on more challenging tracks.

There are online suppliers of road legal quads, and they have a great selection of used and new machines, all at very affordable prices. Once you have your own machine, you can begin to explore the many great riding venues, and whenever you have a free day, you can go out on your road legal quad.