8 Amazing and Surprising Health Benefits of Mayonnaise


Everyone knows mayonnaise very well and it is commonly used as a sauce with many foods. Mayonnaise is commonly used on a sandwich, salad, pizza, pasta, tacos and in even other food. It can be also mixed with a different sauce such as tomato sauce or mustard sauce. Mayonnaise contains good nutrition and a good amount of fats, water, calories, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Mayonnaise is known for its rich source of vitamin E, vitamin K, and minerals such as sodium, selenium, and potassium. Now let us look at some health benefits of mayonnaise.

Keeps your Skin Soft

Mayonnaise helps you to keep your skin soft and it can be applied on the skin especially on the face. It makes your skin look healthy and glowing. This makes you to spend little for nourishing your skin. It also helps to treat sunburn skin. It works well on chapped lips, elbow and rough skin. It is the best natural skin hydrator as it contains eggs and oils, also helps to preserve moisture in your skin.

Helps to Keep Your Hair Healthy

According to studies mayonnaise is very good to strengthen the hair and keeps it in a healthy condition. It treats messed and dull hair. Mayonnaise also acts as a conditioner and smoothens the hair. It makes the hair hydrated and more manageable as it preserves moisture in dry skin cells. The egg content in mayonnaise helps to strengthen the hair shaft.

Good for Health

The presence of Omega-3 acid in mayonnaise helps to keep your heart in good health, this reduces the risk of a heart attack. The rich nutrients present in it are really useful to prevent and reduce the risk of a sudden heart attack.  Among women, eating mayonnaise helps to reduce heart disorders.

Make your Nails Strong

The nutrient contained in mayonnaise is very useful to keep your nails healthy and strong. The fats in it nourish the cuticles and nails. It will make the nails look healthy and used to treat cracked nails.

Helps in Blood Circulation

Eating mayonnaise can help you with good blood circulation. It contains vitamin E that is well known to keep your blood circulation in a normal condition. Other nutrients like calcium, minerals, vitamin K helps you to maintain the health of the body and normal metabolism.

Helps in Absorbing the Nutrient

Mayonnaise contains high fats that help to absorb various nutrients inside the body easily. Nutrients such as vitamin D, A, E, K are fat soluble and they will easily meltdown with fats present in mayonnaise. Hence, having mayonnaise with your snacks and salads will help you to absorb more and more nutrients easily.

Prevents and Treats Head from Lice

Head lice are a great problem for many people as they cause irritation and makes you uncomfortable. Many treatments are available to treat Lice but some dermatologist suggest mayonnaise to eliminate lice. It is also an advantage to use mayonnaise over other lice treatments because they are free from toxic substances such as pyrethroids, carbaryl which are hazardous to you. So mayonnaise is a go-to remedy to get rid of lice and you just need a cup of mayonnaise to treat it. You can apply a small amount of mayonnaise all over the scalp and leave it for 4 to 5 hours and rinse it thoroughly. You can do this process twice or thrice a week to maintain a good scalp and hair condition. You can also use mayonnaise as a conditioner.

Keeps your Bones Strong

It is really important to keep your bones strong. Calcium and protein are the necessary things to promote stronger bones and to maintain it in good condition. With eggs present in the mayonnaise contains high amount of protein and calcium that keeps your bones strong.

Note: Besides various health benefits of mayonnaise, there are some disadvantages of mayonnaise to your health. So make sure to buy mayonnaise depending upon the nutritional content or make your own home-made mayonnaise. The commercial mayonnaise is usually made with unhealthy fats, high sugar content, artificial ingredients and offers little nutrition, this can negatively affect your health. So to avoid health disadvantage make your own mayonnaise or pick mayonnaise made with natural and healthy ingredients.