10 Wonderful Landscaping Ideas to Create an Outdoor Living Space You will Adore


Home is where the heart is, but you may want to do more than try to surround it with a moat in order to make it stand out. Here are ten wonderful ways to use landscaping so that your yard has color, texture, and warmth. Your home itself will come alive with growing shrub with blooms as well as annuals and perennials. You can eve deer-proof your garden. There are many ways to add beauty to your home’s exterior and make it more appealing.

Use any of these Houston Landscaping ideas to add height. All it takes is a few planters and baskets. Create space for guests to enjoy outdoors. Let them sit, enjoy drinks and relax around a tranquil garden or landscape. These ideas are beautiful as well as functional.

Let your imagination stir up a host of its own ideas and then use our landscaping suggestions so that you can create an outdoor living space you will adore.

1. Greet Everyone with Flowers

Greet Everyone with Flowers

Flowers make a home seem welcoming. Decorate your entrance with colorful annuals and perennials. Choose from Snapdragons, Lily-of-the-Nile, and Petunias for your mise-en-scene. If you have a small space at the front by the street, consider adding a low fence. This makes your home look farther than it is from the street. It is a nice place to add vines or to plant flowers. There is something to be said for the white picket fence concept, after all. Your entire yard and home will be transformed with a few simple changes especially if those changes include flowers.

2. Plant Flourishing Vines

One other way to get the most out of your yard landscape is by planting vines. They flourish and ramble in a romantic and stately way. They give off an even better appearance than green tendrils that wind around columns or fences. Choose vines that have delicate flowers for the best effect. Try Clematis, the showiest vine of all. We know it will look great in your yard with its purple, blue, pink, white or red blossoms. We suggest you let this versatile vine grow on a fence, in a container or along a trellis. For a more casual effect, let it grow over your shrubs and perennials.

3. Spruce Up A Driveway

Spruce Up A Driveway

When you sculpt your landscape carefully by choosing the right plants and materials you can keep an unattractive driveway from showing. It only takes a few steps. Get the least impressive part of your outdoor space transformed into something like a garden paradise. Add an island at the center of the driveway. Next, add a boxwood hedge at the back of the islands and then plant roses, annuals or perennials to create a mix of color and texture as well as height. One rose to choose for this purpose is the elegant Crystal Fairy. You might also try Lamb’s Ear or Butterfly Deep Roses for splashes of extra color. This one is one of the more popular Houston Landscaping ideas because it truly makes your home stand out.

4. Plant Easy-Care Lilies

Here is the plant we are talking about when describing something rough-and-tumble. This resilient crinums can hold up to drought and do not need fertilizing. They flourish in hot, humidity with lily-like blossoms that add a wonderful fragrance to the air. They grow into large bulbs that are nearly indestructible. Plant them for a flower with lasting impact that is super easy to care for. They are available in an array of colors which will complement any home exterior. These plants enjoy the sun and are not fussy about the soil they are planted in. We wish all plants and flowers could be this good!

5. Deer-Proof Your Yard

Deer-Proof Your Yard

You can do a few things to keep your yard from being eaten by deer. This is one of the hardest things to put up with as a gardener. The solution is to pick flowers that people find beautiful and deer find unappealing. This is easy enough to do. Choose things like globe thistle, butterfly weed or Royal Red butterfly bushes. Deer will not touch them, and you will get to enjoy your garden landscape untouched and unaffected by these critters. You can find these flowers and most garden centers. Plant them in soil that lets them drain well.


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