How To Dazzle Up A Spare Room


You might have just brought a new house or moved into a new rented apartment and found yourself with more rooms than you know what to do with. You might consider using a spare room to dump your junk in, or move in your rack pat of possessions that you might “one day need”. However, you can also turn a spare room into something more. There are many different options for spare rooms such as:

  • An Office
  • A reading room
  • A Guest Bedroom
  • A Gaming Room
  • A Calming Room

You might be thinking that those options would cost you a pretty penny. Well, this post will give you some options that might not cost too much, especially if you shop around for a good bargain.

Remember, when planning what to do with a spare room, it’s a good idea to have a clear plan of what you want to do with it. Try and make a detailed plan first; perhaps use Pinterest to create a vision board or use a text document to list all the ideas you have. Then budget accordingly. If the sky’s your limit, then what are you waiting for? Get started on your new room!


Blankets are relatively cheap these days and what’s more is that you can buy many different styles, sizes and shapes. You can even buy personalized name blankets that allow you to customize the design with a click of a mouse. Blankets and Throws are great for decoration because they can simply hang on cheap furniture, making them look cozy and fashionable.

You can buy high-quality ones with better fabrics that will feel great to cuddle up with if you’re making a reading room or calming room. And they’re great for late-night gaming sessions when it get’s cold in the winter.

Ikea Furniture

It’s cheap and stylish. You might not want to invest in too much IKEA furniture, but for a spare room, they are great products. Most are easy to assemble and you can order most things online through their catalog. Just make sure you give yourself a spare day or two to put all the pieces together. There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve finished putting a piece of IKEA furniture together, only to realize you’ve done it the wrong way round.

Art And Photographs

Personalizing a room with art and photographs is an easy way to make a room feel more genuine and cozy. If you’re creating a room that you want to get everyone’s attention in, some striking art posters can be relatively cheap to come by. And if you have loved ones or family you miss, surrounding yourself with photographs of them will help you feel they’re not too far away.

You can find plenty of art online and buy from sites like Etsy if you want something a bit more custom made. I managed to snag some great pictures in France for a dozen or so euros and they look beautiful.