11 Countries Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Celebrating Christmas at the countryside is so much fun than in an urban setting. Of course, it would be more than just buying a Christmas tree and lighting it up after a simple decoration! Hey, it is not only about that Christmas tree. There is so much you can do to make your country Christmas more colorful.

For anyone who celebrates Christmas, they understand how it is so much fun decorating for the season that they wouldn’t want to miss it for anything in the world.

The idea of decorating on a Christmas day is to create a welcoming mood for your visitors. You want to make your visitors feel at home. There is nothing more attracting than a naturally decorated setting. So as you decorate for this festive season, try and be as natural as possible.

How do you make your country Christmas more colorful than just a decorated Christmas tree? Well, here are 11 ideas you could use to achieve the best results;

Hang a country Christmas stocking

These will be waiting to be filled with all types of gifts from Father Christmas. You can hang them around the chimney corner or on the wall. If you don’t have a fireplace you can hang them on a bookcase, a branch or a ladder just outside the house.

Forget the Usual Christmas tree stands

Go for something more rural and old-fashioned. Use that old potato chips bucket you have at home and decorate it nicely. This can act as a perfect holder for small trees. For larger trees, you can use a standard tank.

Brighten things up!

Jungle green lamps on the outside of your home could do you some good. It would create a festive mood. To make it look fancier, use what you have. For example, pile your pot with cane logs or small pine trees.

You can also add twinkling lights on weaved branches and twigs.

Use a joyous logo

Decorating Ideas

Decorate your mantel with a lit up sign. Place this sign in front and at the center of the mantel. It could be a letter or a number that symbolizes something, for instance, a family name.

Build a fire

Make your holiday spark by lighting up a campfire in your home. The easiest way to do this is to use those wooden fire starters that are made from natural mastic.

Decorate your card exhibition

You can display those cards you receive for season’s greetings in a basket in an overlapping manner to make a nice decoration pattern. Make the basket look rustic. You don’t want to create a serious mood of the festive season with expensive items. An old-fashioned basket that is well decorated looks fantastic.

Set a festive table

Make it a simple set table. Do not complicate with too much coloring. You can cover it with a tartan tablecloth of the color of your choice. Place nicely handwritten name cards into the apertures of old-fashioned toboggan bells by the table. The addition of lit candles in transparent jars helps to enhance the magical moment.

Create a patterned Christmas tree using jars

This idea is perfect for your fireplace. Fill six jars of the same size with ornaments. Arrange them so that they form a pyramid shape then wrap them with a glossy decorative wreath. You can place a nicely shining star at the top and you are all set.

Go shopping at that vintage general store in the country

Break the monotony of visiting the fancy shops that you are used to for shopping. The old-fashioned general stores are great places to find unique gifts.

Have a greeting card ladder

This is where you hang your cards of season’s greetings from friends and relatives. You can have the ladder just outside the entrance door to your living room. Position the cards while alternating the colors to make a more appealing look.

Use different color themes

Do not decorate using only one color. It will make the Christmas mood dull. Embrace different bright colors like red and blue. They are refreshing and unique.


With all these ideas, you wouldn’t want to celebrate Christmas without decorating your country home. Decorations make the celebratory mood lively and year after year everyone will be looking forward to Christmas.

Countryside Christmas decorations will look more appealing and fancy if everything about it is traditional.  Use the natural decorating elements in your home and you will totally love it.