A Culinary Trip To One Of The Warmest Countries In Europe: Malta


Every year, thousands of tourists from all corners of the world flock to Malta to experience its rich heritage. Famous for its breathtaking views and exciting culture, this country has always been one of the hottest destinations in Europe.

But did you know that Malta has something more to offer that not many people knew about? While food may not be the first thing that pops up to mind when you heard about this place, it is actually packed with culinary destinations that are sure to tickle your taste buds.

With the perfect combination of Malta’s tradition, stunning sceneries, and mouthwatering dishes, visiting the place will be worth it.

Here are more tips on how to spend your time in Malta besides where and what to eat we got you covered.

Feast On Maltese Cuisine

Feast On Maltese Cuisine

There are plenty of restaurants and café in Malta that showcase the country’s sizzling array of flavors. From the favorite local dishes to the exotic fusion of foreign influences, you are sure to find something that will satisfy your cravings. Check out some of these delectable meals and where to find them.

Fenek (Rabbit)

This dish is known to be Malta’s quintessential main course. In fact, most restaurants in the country have their own take on this delicacy. Some serve it fried or stewed, while others prepare it with spaghetti or pie.

Fenek is often eaten by locals to mark special occasions and refer to it as fenkata. It usually goes best with red wine.

According to Lonely Planet, the best place to try fenek is at Ta’Marija, which is located in Mosta. There, traditional Maltese dishes are served in a colorful atmosphere and matched with engaging folk songs and dance shows.

Lampuka (Dolphin Fish)

Malta is also known for its abundant supply of local fish and crustaceans. But among the wide range of fishes in the area, lampuka remains to be the top choice by locals and tourists alike. In fact, most restaurants in the country serve a variety of lampuka dishes, such as lampuki or lampuki pie. It is usually cooked with onions, tomatoes, spinach, black olives, sultanas, and walnuts.

For the best lampuka dishes, check out Marsaxlokk located in the south eastern part of Malta. There many restaurants around the area that offer delectable seafood and overlooking view of the waters.


This fluffy pastry is known as Malta’s national snack. It is typically filled with a mixture of peas and spices or ricotta cheese. When you visit this country, you’re sure to see a lot of pastizzerijas or small fast-food outlets that serve pastizzi.

One of the best places to visit for this yummy snack is Crystal Palace. It is widely known in Malta for serving fresh pastizzi. In fact, both locals and tourists flock to this area just to get a taste of this fluffy pastry.

Ftira (Flat Bread Sandwich)

Another famous snacks in Malta is ftira. This traditional bread is usually topped with cheese and vegetables, pretty much the same as a pizza. Fontanella is the top choice when it comes to places that serve ftira. Not only it serves this snack fresh, but it also offers a breathtaking view of the countryside.

Is-soppa tal-armla (Traditional Soup)

Is-soppa tal-armla (Traditional Soup)

If you want to have an authentic Maltese experience, make sure to check out the country’s traditional soup called Is-soppa tal-armla. This dish has been part of history and continues to play a huge role in Malta’s cuisine.

Typically, Is-soppa tal-armla is served with green and white vegetables, potatoes, beans, carrots, peas, cauliflower, and tomato paste. It is packed with nutrients, making it a perfect addition to almost every meal.

Gagħaq tal-għasel (Honey Rings)

This sweet delicacy is a traditional dish associated with Christmas time. Basically, it’s a ring pastry filled with qastanija – a mixture of sugar, lemon, marmalade, oranges, vanilla, cinnamon, mixed spices, and syrup.

Like many traditional foods in Malta, honey rings has been widely enjoyed by locals since the 15th century. It is commonly served with a glass of wine or warm tea. If you want to taste the best Gagħaq tal-għasel, visit Caffe Cordina in Valletta.


This dish is believed to be a fusion of Sicilian and Maltese cuisine. Basically, it’s macaroni wrapped in a pastry and usually served during special occasions, such as Christmas Day.

The most common ingredients of timpana are penne-shaped pasta, creamy tomato sauce, meat, eggs, and cheese. It is then wrapped in a shortcrust pastry and topped with flaky puff pastry.

Gozo Cheese

Gozo Cheese

Malta, just like many countries, has a fierce love of cheese. Goat cheese, in particular, is the most popular type in this country. In fact, many local shepherds have been making their own cheese and sell it fresh the same day.

The best place to try Malta’s cheese is the island of Gozo. There are many residents here who traditionally make cheese and offer other delectable dishes.

These are just a few of what you can enjoy in Malta. If you’re a food lover, this European country is definitely worth visiting. With the perfect combination of flavors and scenery, your inner foodie and explorer are sure to come out. So the next time you plan your next trip, make sure to include Malta in your list and experience its world-famous features.

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