A List of Benefits of Investing in a Storm Door

Storm Door

Although a storm door may seem like an unnecessary expense for most homeowners, investing in one would be a wise decision. A storm door does more than just protect your home from harsh weather; it helps enhance energy efficiency and provides added security against intrusion. For these reasons and more, it is advisable to consider your specific needs and preferences before investing in one. Taking the unique advantages of storm doors into consideration, for example, can help you decide whether you need one or not. You don’t necessarily have to be in a hurricane-prone zone to invest in a storm door. Outlined below are several benefits of a storm door you ought to consider before brushing the idea aside.

Energy Efficiency

While this may depend on the door’s material and design, a storm door adds an extra layer of insulation to your existing door. The barrier eliminates possible chances of draft and heat loss from the house through the door. With the added insulation, HVAC systems won’t have to work hard to compensate for warm air escaping or entering the house. If you are looking for an energy efficient product then your best bet is looking for a local locksmith for home.

Noise Reduction

Having a storm door installed also helps reduce noise pollution from noisy neighbors, traffic, etc. The door fits snugly over the entrance door creating a vacuum effect that slows down vibration caused by loud sounds and noise. This works in an almost similar way as a double or triple glazed door/window. The level of insulation however depends on the material used on both doors. Investing in a storm door can therefore help create a quiet and relaxing environment for all in the house.

Improved Aesthetics

The storm door helps improve your home’s aesthetic appeal as well. Although most people will go for ready-made storm doors, you can have one custom designed to fit your needs. Most manufacturers are capable of creating a stylish and welcoming storm door suiting your various needs. The storm door can be designed using plexiglass, plate glass, aluminum, PVCs, and wood.


Replacing the main door to your house can be an expensive endeavor. You will not only have to buy a fabricated one (or essential materials to make one) but also need to pay a seasoned contractor to ensure it is installed correctly. You however don’t necessarily have to invest in another door once you have a storm door installed. Instead, you can have the storm door built with strong and durable materials to improve its efficiency and reliability. A storm door is also much more affordable to invest in as compared to the main door.


Storm doors are also designed with airflow in mind. These come with either a screen-type window or fiberglass, which allows you to switch between the two to maintain indoor temperatures as well as let cool air in, in hot weather. These therefore provide ventilation when you need to, as you can switch to full screens of wire to let air in.

padlock door

The extra door with lock provides added protection for your home. This reduces smash-and-grab incidences significantly since the intruder will have to deal with both doors. In addition to this, storm doors come with a bold-and-padlock feature, strengthened screens, advanced security vault locks, and reinforced fiberglass for additional security. For security purposes you may want to consider hiring on a local locksmith for home to help you with this service.


Storm doors are made from wood, aluminum among other tough materials that enable them to withstand harsh weather. You can therefore expect top quality doors from expert manufacturers. The build and nature of these doors make them a worthy and valuable investment for your house. Homes with storm doors are also valued at a higher price than those without.

Exterior Door Protection

The storm door doesn’t just keep your home; it protects the main door from harsh elements as well. This leaves your main door well preserved and looking strong for several decades. Having a storm door installed therefore protects the entry door from snow, ice, and rain, factors that reduce the cost of maintenance significantly.

Improved Curb Appeal

Storm doors provide countless ways to personalize the entryway in an attempt to enhance its aesthetic appeal. With retractable screens, stylish hardware, glass designs, and several color themes to choose from, you are assured of enhanced curb appeal once the door is in place.

Provides a Warm Welcome

These doors create a more inviting entry for guests as compared to the main door. Guest will always know you are home when they see the entry door open even when the storm door is closed.

Extra Openness

For many people, two locked doors provide a sense of safety at night. You can however open the main door while leaving the storm door locked to allow lighter and air into the house. More light gives the impression of extra space and openness in the house.

Added Insulation

The extra door helps trap heat inside during winter. This comes quite in handy in keeping energy bills low.

Provides Extra Protection from Water Damage

The storm door is designed to handle rain and other forms of harsh weather much better than the entry door. It therefore creates extra protection for your front door against water damage.

Keeps Insects Out

Some storm doors come with screen inserts that help keep insects out while allowing fresh air in. This comes quite in handy during summer when you want to let fresh air inside the house.

Look For A Local Locksmith For Home

After having read the article above and the top benefits of a storm door, make sure to consider the importance of having a security or lock system that is effective. Find a local locksmith for home in your area to help you ensure

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