11 Mistakes Made During Painting Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen is a central part of the house. The kitchen designing is itself a huge work that homeowners complete after putting their effort, time, and money. The kitchen is the collection of many components like countertops, cabinets, sinks, appliances, fixtures, and much more.

Everything needs to be picked according to the layout of your kitchen for an attractive look. Some homeowners are so much concerned about the remodeling of the kitchen that they hand pick everything.

Cabinets are one of the significant parts in your kitchen layout. Without a perfect cabinet, you can’t think of getting an elegant look for your kitchen. To get the attractive look for your kitchen, contact professional companies for kitchen remodel Cape Cod services from the skilled workers. To increase the aesthetic appeal of the cabinets, painting is one of the best ways to do so. But sometimes, due to mistakes, painting kitchen cabinets become a horrible experience. In the following blog, we will be looking at the eleven blunders that are made during painting the kitchen cabinets. You need to avoid these mistakes for smooth painting of your kitchen cabinets.

1-Not Cleaning the Wood Surface

Your kitchen is clean, ok we get it! But still, there is dirt or grime on your kitchen cabinets. You need to prepare the surface of your cabinets before painting. You should use a grease remover to clean it. You can use a paint preparation degreaser called TSP (Trisodium Phosphate) for this work. The reason, if you are going to use water-based paint, then applying the paint on the oil-covered door will not let the paint stick with cabinet surface.

2-Unrealistic Expectations

When you paint your cabinets, they look good. If your cabinets are having visible open grain, then you will see grooves through the paint. In this case, you should expect to get a smooth finish for your cabinets. When you are expecting good results from painting, then your cabinets need to be in good shape to get the satisfied results. To make things better you should fill the grain with glue but this work needs time and it is not an easy job.

3-Not Removing the Door and Drawers

This is a big mistake. You need to remove the door and drawer along with the hinges and knobs. Some people save their time, paint the hardware with the cabinets. When you will be painting all things collectively, then your paint will start to chip off after a month. You need to keep this point in mind as it is one of the useful large and small kitchen remodeling ideas that will help you to complete the work.

4-Not Giving Enough Time

Most of the homeowner thinks that it is just a work of a few hours and they can do it on their own. Well, you can do the painting work by yourself if you are having knowledge about painting but you need a good amount of time to complete the process. You may need two to three days to finish the cabinet painting to get a smooth finish.

5-Sanding is Skipped

Even if your cabinets are in perfect condition, you still need to sand them, so that paint can stick easily. You should use sandpaper (150 or 200 grits is good) to sand your cabinets surface for better painting.

6-Surface is Not Dust-Free

As said earlier, you need to keep your cabinet surface clean. You should remove all the debris before you start your painting. If you are not doing this, then few pieces of dust will destroy the look of your cabinets. To fix the problem, you need to sand it and repaint it again.

7-Not Labeling Your Hardware

You will remove the hardware to get a smooth painting. But when it’s time to place the things back on their position, then you may get confused because you forget about the position of drawers, doors, and other hardware. To get rid of this problem, you should use a piece of masking tape to label your hardware and place it properly.

8-No Priming Done

Priming the surface is one of the important steps during the painting process. If you are skipping this step, then forget to get good results in terms of painting. You should use stain-block primer to get rid of surprise blotches as the paint cures.

9-Using Cheap Paint

We don’t stop you to remodel your kitchen on a budget but you should not compromise on quality. If you are planning to buy cheap paint to save some money, then don’t do this. You might save money but this will create more problem for you. The low-quality paint will not last for long and you have to undergo repainting after a small period of time.

10-Hurry in Putting Cabinets Back

Don’t hurry, as this will raise problems for you. When you will be placing back the cabinets in rush, smudges problem do appear. In that case, you will have to sand your surface again and repaint it as discussed earlier. We may complete your work soon but this will bring out more problem for you in the end.

11-Selecting the Wrong Color

You need to pick the right color that will go with the overall look of your kitchen. If your color selection is not right, then your kitchen area will not look elegant. Having a problem in picking the right color? You can get help from professional kitchen remodel Cape Cod designers to get the advice for the best color. They will assist you in picking the right color because they are familiar with the trend. They will tell you the right color to choose according to the design of your kitchen.

Hope you will not be making the aforementioned mistakes. If you need a helping hand to remodel your kitchen, then you should contact a professional kitchen remodeling contractor for the work. Hire the experts to leave the rest on them. They will guide you in a proper direction to pick the best for your kitchen and will do the work without any single mistake.