5 Tile & Grout Cleaning Tips for Winter

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Winter is the time when many people spend their majority of the time at home. Therefore, it is the right time to clean your tiles and grout where lots of dust is accumulated due to irregular cleaning. So, at this time you can use the most effective cleaning tips to make your house hygienic and beautiful. Moreover, spending time on self-cleaning also give you a proud feeling and save your hard earned too. So, let’s discuss 5 tiles and grout cleaning effective tips:

#Tip 1: Use of industrial Cleaners

It is best to use specially designed means for cleaning joints.

  • Ultra Stripper Cleaner is a concentrated product. It successfully cleans mosaic, porcelain, granite, cement and ceramics from stubborn dirt. Ultra Stripper is diluted with water before use. The concentration of the solution depends on the amount of contamination.
  • Disinfectant preparation BOZO is used for cleaning tiles and inter-tile joints. Due to the viscous consistency, the agent evenly covers the porous surfaces of the gaps. It effectively removes stubborn grease, salt, soot and rust. After treatment, BOZO disappears an unpleasant odour.
  • If you want to wash the seams means very quickly then concentrate on inter-tile joints with HG cleaner. But, before using it, clean the joints with dishwashing detergent and dry the surface. The cleaner is applied with a brush for 10 – 15 minutes and then wash off. You will get an ultra white shine.
  • In the case of light pollution, it is better to use impregnator for Atlas Delfin on tiles and seams. It is advisable to apply it immediately after the repair to prevent the appearance of contamination. Atlas Delfin protects the porous surfaces of the building mix and not allowing it to accumulate pollution. Impregnate is resistant to cleaning agents and makes the kitchen tile shining.

#Tip 2: Steam Cleaning

  • You can return the walls to their original purity using a steam cleaner. A steam cleaner is a device that releases hot steam under high pressure. The steam jet easily removes old stains, destroys pathogens and mold spores that have penetrated into the cement.
  • To clean the tile joints, you need to purchase a steam cleaner, which can be heated to a temperature of at least + 175 * C. With this, it is better to use the device with a brush head. The steam will be more concentrated through its effect on the surface of the seams will be higher.
  • After treatment of the joints with steam, wash the contaminants with water at room temperature. You can additionally treat the surface with anti-fungal disinfectants.

#Tip 3: Cleaning with Bleach

  • To clean the recently darkened seams in the kitchen, you can use chlorine bleach (Whiteness, Сif Ultra White, Domestos). These tools will help destroy colonies of fungi and bacteria in the upper layers of the material.
  • Bleach is applied to the contaminated surface with a brush and left for 10 – 15 minutes. After that, the cleaner is re-applied and washed off with plenty of water. Bleach is difficult to completely wash out of the porous surface.
  • To enhance the effect of chlorine-containing agents its best solution is to use make use of baking soda. From the baking soda and bleach, prepare a thick paste (reminiscent of the tooth consistency). It is applied with a spatula to the seams and left to dry completely. The composition is washed with water and a brush.
  • It is necessary to ensure that the seam is completely covered with the compound, otherwise, there will be dark spots on it.

#Tip 4: Homemade Cleanser

  • A good preventive measure for fungi is laundry soap. As the fungal microorganisms die in an alkaline environment. So, you can use soap to clean the surface regularly, until a mould appears on it.
  • You can clean the joints between the tiles on the floor with baking soda. Moisturize the floor and generously sprinkle soda powder between the gaps. When it gets wet, rub every inch of the surface between the tiles. Particularly pay attention to the places with black spots and dots.

#Tip 5: Mechanical Cleaning

How to clean the joints between the tiles in the kitchen, without resorting to chemical cleaners? Mechanical cleaning of joints between tiles is the most radical way to solve a problem. This is hard and painstaking work that is done only by hand. It is not recommended to use electrical appliances (drill with a nozzle or grinding machine). They can damage the tile.

To clean seams with stubborn dirt, use:

  • Putty knife
  • Screwdriver
  • A semicircular chisel or sandpaper.

Cut off a dirty layer of grout with a metal tube, you can also cut it with an angle and sharpened.

But it is better to buy a special scraper to clean the joints of the tiles and remove the old grout. Its handle is attached with a wide blade with a diamond coating. The blade thickness is 1-1.5 mm. That allows you to clear even very thin gaps between the tiles. If the seams are wide, you can use models with several blades or remove the grout layers with one blade, placing it at an angle.

Bottom Line

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find the best solution to clean your tiles and grouts in winter. But, if you found any difficulty do not feel shy to call the experts. As they charge some amount but can make your house as new as before.


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