3 Holiday Cities In Europe You Didn’t Knew You Had To Visit


Europe is one of the most amazing continents with varied cultures, rich history, exciting attractions and breathtaking landscapes. Even though it is a small continent, it is one of the most toured continents in the world. Countries such as Denmark, Croatia, Italy, France, and England have numerous holiday cities that most people do not know they can visit. It is also a great place to explore as there is plenty to see and do. If you are visiting the continent, here are three-holiday cities that need to visit.


Denmark is a fantastic country that has transformed a lot over the years. It is a very peaceful county with lovely people and unusual places to stay and visit. Among the most famous cities in Denmark to tour is Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a unique city. In fact, it is one of the safest and cleanest cities in Europe. There are several things to see and do in Copenhagen. Water surrounds the town; this means you can enjoy refreshing breezes as you tour the town streets. While in the city, there are places you must visit, For example, the Tivoli gardens and the Hans Christian-Anderson statute are fantastic. It is also a home of remarkable museums, stunning scenery, and magnificent palaces. Another place you must visit when in Copenhagen is the Torvehallerne market. It is market where you can get all sort of local, fresh produce. You can get veggies, chocolate, wines, teas and much more in the market.


Croatia is among the most visited countries in the world. Just like most European countries, Croatia brags its share of ancient cities, historic ruins, and natural attractions. But what makes the nation famous and exceptional is Croatia property. Many people adore and admire the features in Croatia. One of the most famous cities you need to visit when in Croatia is Split. It is a charming city found on the eastern side of Adriatic sea. The town is not populated as most cities in Europe because it has less than 200,000 residents. The split is the largest on the coast and the countries second largest city. It is rich in culture and has numerous tourist attractions. It is also one of the fastest growing city in Croatia. The main attraction here is the historic Gothic & Renaissance architecture. Hence, as a tourist, you will find plenty of things to do, see and fantastic places to stay. Shopping at the green market and swimming at the beach are also some of the things you cannot miss.


Italy is located in southern Europe, and among the most visited countries. Many people visit Italy cities for various reasons including art treasures, stunning landscape, trend fashion, delicious cuisine and passionate people. The country offers many things to do and see that might takes years to explore. One of the famous cities in Italy is Venice. The city is nicknamed The Floating City. Places you can visit in Venice include the Grand Canal and the Doge Palace. The city is stunning, romantic and offers excellent cuisine.

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