What is Law of Attraction And Its Importance in life

law of attraction

Whichever part of the Universe you might be in, there is no escaping the laws which have, which is and which will govern the Universe.  It happens to each and every individual irrespective of the religion, nationality, age, and beliefs. Law of attraction is one of the rules that govern the Universe and it is the power of the mind to translate what you have in your mind to reality. The term Karma and the quote from Buddha that says What you have become is what you though all show that the Law of attraction has an important role to play in our life.

Law of attraction- what is it?

We as human beings knowingly or unknowingly are acting in just about the same way as a magnet in this world. This is happening every second of our life. Every second of our life we are sending out thoughts and emotions and attracting more emotions than that we have sent out. But, the sad fact is that a major portion of the population in the world are unaware of this and are therefore ignorant of the potential that each person has to affect every other person in the universe. Therefore, you tend not to monitor your thoughts and emotions and you leave them unchecked. These wrong thoughts that you send attract even more wrong thoughts and unwanted emotions into your life. Therefore, insights into Law of attraction will be helpful to keep a check on what thoughts you are sending.

How to use it to your benefit?

The few areas in your life that you can improve using Law of Attraction include

  • Improving relationships
  • Attract wealth and prosperity
  • Improving Mental and Physical Health
  • Increasing self- confidence and fighting anxiety
  • Attracting success and Abundance
  • You will be right in trusting your instincts
  • It will transform long-held beliefs to accommodate newer and worthwhile ones
  • You will seldom wallow about taking decisions
  • You will understand the potential meaning of the dreams.

You can achieve all this and much more. But, that is if you understand the science behind Law of attraction and also start practicing it to gain these benefits.

Is positive thinking and law of attraction the same?

Positive thinking is just a part of thelaw of attraction theory. Since thelaw of attraction is based on the principle that whatever you think creates feelings, feelings will dictate your actions and actions will create your life thinking positively is part of the script. Positive thinking can lead you to things, people and experiences that will make your positive thoughts a reality, but it is only a small part in the magnetic flux of law of attraction.

How to activate the right thoughts?

Focusing on your thoughts will help you to detect the positive ones and the negative thoughts that you may not be aware of to start with. Once you identify them, even those lying deep in your subconscious, you can start your journey of activating the positive thoughts which includes steps like

  • Clarifying your desires and try to get as specific as possible
  • Cultivating an attitude of gratitude for the more and more you practice gratitude you tend to become more and kinder and loving you
  • Observe your self-talk it will introduce to you facets you do not know about yourself
  • Dwell on the positive thoughts in you and let it transform into affirmations
  • Keep focusing on the good and as far as possible keep away from anything that will entertain negative thoughts
  • Dream, and visualize your dream in detail. You could also use the vision board technique.
  • Get to work and make yourself busy with actions that are directed towards achieving what you want.

The Law of attraction principle will ensure you meet the right person at the right time and will get help in the right way to achieve your goal.