3 Unique Conversation Starters to Have in Your Home


Having guests over seems like a good idea until the conversation runs out. You then will sit in silence awkwardly trying to think of something to talk about. That doesn’t have to happen if you fill your life with meaningful things. Here are three unique conversation starters to have in your home.

1. Decor With a Story

If someone asks where you got your beautiful vase, it’s boring to say I was walking around at the grocery store and saw it on the shelf. It is way more exciting to tell your friends about your trip to Europe where you stopped in at a little shop where you watched an artist make the vase with their own hands. Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Europe to find decore with a story to display in your home. You can buy original art online and read about the artist and have something unique to talk about.

2. Your Favorite Books

Books are a great way to get to know someone. You can find out if they love the fantasy of goblins and fairies or stories of history and heroic people. When you display the books that you love you allow others to know a little more about you. This can help spark conversation about the books themselves or topics the books may remind you of.

3. Family Pictures

Hanging nice posed family portraits in your home can be great to see pictures of the people that you love, but to really remember the memories, you can hang pictures of the fun adventures you have had together. Your visitors may take the time to look at your pictures and ask where you were when you were rafting down a river. Then you can tell them all about your amazing trip and let the conversation flow.

If you keep your home full of unique items you will never run out of stories to share.