5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a backyard, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the joys of summer. Even if you don’t have any plans for your summer vacation, you can enjoy your free time to the fullest with your family and close friends. Not to mention the benefits of getting to unwind in your own personal oasis after a long day. The best thing is that sprucing up your yard for an awesome summertime doesn’t have to be too challenging.

Take Care of the Greenery

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the greenery in your backyard matches your ideal setting. If necessary, mow the lawn and prune the bushes/trees. One afternoon is all it takes for this task to be completed. You can also plant low-maintenance plants and shrubs along your fence or in decorative containers to further improve the natural beauty of this area.

Designate a Patio Area

In case you don’t already have a patio or any kind of lounging area in your backyard, creating one can be a rather simple and creative process that your whole family can enjoy. If you want, you can pour the concrete on the designated space, but it’s possible to proceed even if you’re working on a grassy land as long as the grass is trimmed and tidy.

Choose Your Patio Furniture

Start by choosing adequate seating. This can be plastic, wooden and/or wicker furniture that you can get affordably at flea markets and garage sales. You can also utilize older furniture that you no longer use. If needed, repaint the furniture. Add soft, comfy, and decorative throws and cushions, and you’ll have yourself ideal seating. Of course, you can always explore the possibilities of a hammock for an added summer feel.

In a similar vein, you can take care of the coffee table for your patio. If you feel a bit handy, you can use old pallets, barrows, suitcases, trunks, and so on to DIY your outdoor table, too. If you don’t have adequate shade, installing shade sails would prove to be extremely useful and more affordable in the long run compared to plain umbrellas.

Keep It Cool

There’s hardly anything more enjoyable than being able to spend some meaningful time together with your friends and loved ones within the comfort of your own backyard, be that a morning coffee, BBQ, playing games, or simply relaxing. Sadly, unbearable heat can make this fun summertime completely impossible. For instance, people in Arizona often report that they have to remain indoors for the whole day due to the tropical summer temperatures. This is precisely why it’s important to transform your backyard in a way that best combats this issue. When paired with the mentioned shading structures, misting systems in Scottsdale have proved to be a great solution. The mist effectively cools the area, which allows for a more active and fun lifestyle during summer, within the comfort of one’s own backyard. There’s nothing to stop you from making fun summer memories, even during the day when the sun is at its peak. 

Illuminate Your Backyard

Chances are you’ll want to spend your summer evenings in your newly styled-up backyard. However, without adequate lighting, your evenings won’t be as exciting and fun as they could be. Therefore, it’s important to find a way to illuminate your yard in the most suitable way. For instance, you can use outdoor torches that will also act as mosquito repellents. In case you like a more whimsical look, you can decorate the area with fairy lights. Lanterns are also a good yet simple solution if you don’t want to put too much effort into this particular yard transformation bit.

Have Fun with Entertainment Options

Once you’re satisfied with how your backyard looks, you can start incorporating different entertainment options. Of course, this step highly depends on what you, your family, and your friends enjoy doing the most.

If there’s enough room in the yard, you can put up an above-ground pool. On the other hand, you can designate the area for fun games such as yard twister, soccer, garden croquet, and so on. In case you have kids, it would be great to set up a small sandbox and maybe even get a colorful teepee to add to the fun. Those of you planning to spend their evenings playing board games can install a shelf within the patio area where you’ll keep all your games. The choices are endless!

The basics of your backyard makeover are all the same and won’t take away too much of your time. Then you can make the most out of your own likes, interests, and creativity to add a personal touch to your backyard, which will make for a truly awesome summer filled with lifelong memories.


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